Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome and Triple Date

Welcome to my new followers!  So glad yall are here!

Last night, we had a triple date with some friends of ours.  You may remember we hung with them back in February.  I went through the story of how I know them in that post.  It is pretty cool and we all talked about it again last night.  And in February, Brooklyn still wasn't born but this time she joined us for dinner!  She was good as gold, of course! 
We went to Brixx Pizza which is a couple blocks from our house.  They had $2 domestic pints and they have a great beer selection.  The guys had a few beverages but we were good girls!  I think our next outting will be for sushi or at my house.  So fun!

Don't you just love random nights out in the middle of the week?  They seem to make the week go by faster, at least I hope so!

PS - what did yall think of "Guys Tell All" last night on the Bachelorette?  Kasey is so weird and I'm guessing Justin wasn't invited at all?!  He didn't deserve to be!


  1. I totally agree! Having random nights out during the week, makes the week fly by! not to mention, more fun!

    OOH about Justin, Chris said that Justin was invited but he declined the invitation.

  2. Glad you had a fun night out with friends. I went out with girlfriends last night. I love to do things during the week. I'm with you, it makes the week go by faster. I love to have fun things to look forward to each week. I DVR'd the Bachelorette show last night, so I have not seen it. Can't wait to watch next Monday and see who she picks. I heard a rumor that she does not pick anyone. Can't wait to find out if that is true. Love & blessings from NC!