Monday, July 12, 2010

Out in Matthews

We had a good time on Friday night.  It started uptown at Molly McPherson's celebrating with Emily who just took a new job!  Then we went back to Avenue and Kevin had some friends at his condo.  They all came up to my place and we enjoyed catching up. 

Then some of the group was going to watch a band in Matthews which is about 25 minutes south of Charlotte.  We never venture out that far so we said what the heck and went!  Ended up having a great time and loved the live band!  This is Lauren and I hanging out on the patio!
Good times LG, as always!  :)

Happy Monday!  I'm up in PA today for a quick work meeting (and hopefully getting to visit with an old friend!) then heading back this afternoon!

PS - don't forget to enter my first giveaway for some Lilly coasters!


  1. Looks like fun, have a nice time up in PA. :) PLD

  2. Sounds like you had fun! Love your skirt! Safe travels back from PA =)