Monday, July 19, 2010

Lana and Lake

Busy Saturday!  I went to Lana's baby shower on Saturday morning for a brunch to
celebrate the August 10th due date of their little "Gwen."  She is so cute and they will be great parents!  
She is one of my friends from KHA.  Sadly, they are moving back to Raleigh in the next month or so...we will miss them so much in Charlotte!
After the shower, we went out to Kimmy's parents house.  They live on Moss Lake about 40 minutes west of uptown Charlotte.  Very easy drive and gorgeous place.  Check out Tahoe, Kim and Jeff's pooch.  She jumps off the dock and after a stick.  Total water dog.
Kimmy's Dad getting the jetski wound up.
Jeff took me for a cruise...little did I know, I'd be taking a dip a few minutes later.  He threw me off the back of it when we got a bit too high on the wake from another boat.  Ha, so fun though!  He spotted my sunglasses before they sank...thank goodness!
Kev and I went for a ride... :)
We had so much fun!
The four of us.  You know what I mean when I say it is hard to find another couple where the guy likes hanging out with the other guy just as much as the two girls like each other.  Well Kimmy and Jeff are one of our best couple friends.  We just all like being together and having fun.  It is so refreshing to hang with them!
Aren't they presch?  Been married for over two years now - where does time go?
Then Kimmy's Mama brought out the big Jenga set.  How fun is that?!
They are so "tilly."  Hahahaha
Yeah, they aren't right either....
We ended up staying at their home that night for obvious reasons...we didn't want to drive...

We recovered yesterday - Kevin worked, I made a couple things for dinners this week and we got ready for being back at work.  Monday, Monday!  Bachelorette tonight!  What's going to happen?!


  1. Oh my I am in need of that huge Jenga set. Though I'm such a klutz it would be disastrous!

  2. That looks like such a fun weekend!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend! =)

  4. BTW, just gave you a blog award on my blog! Go check it out!

  5. What a great weekend. I know exactly what you mean about couple friends. We are lucky to have great friends that all enjoy being together.

    Have a great week ~