Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Wrap Up

We had a wonderful weekend, as I hope you did too!  On Friday night, my parents and I went to the Fish Camp with Kevin's parents and brother.  Here we all are!
On Saturday, Mama and I shopped until we dropped.  We visited Southpark - Belk (Lilly), J. Crew and Ann Taylor.  We were successful and had so much fun.  I finally found some white pants that I've been searching for for months!  When Mom and I arrived home, Kevin and Dad had been sitting there chatting for awhile after they each worked.  Hey, someone had to work I guess if we were out spending money!!  They made fun of us because we kept talking about how everything was on major sale!

Saturday night we went to dinner at Vivace which is a new italian place in Metropolitan.  It has neat decorations and is pretty modern.  We went there last week for Lauren's birthday.  They have an upstairs which is where we sat.
Just before the sun set, we got some good pictures with uptown Charlotte in the background!
We celebrated Mom's 60th birthday which is in a few weeks!  She wasn't happy that we had told the restaurant, but it was all in good fun!
Here are Mom and Dad!  Of course I'm biased, but aren't they cute?  We're a lucky fam!
On Sunday we did a little cookout at the Avenue so my parents could see some of my college friends.  Flag cake!
Kevin's brother Joe and Brittany came.
Josh and Steph came over.  We all loved seeing them as well.  It had been years since my parents had seen them and they thought it was so special that they came over!!!  Thank yall for all the goodies you brought!  SO great seeing you guys!
Kevin was best man in Dan and Bricklend's wedding so it was fun having them over too!  Their little boys Tanner (5) and Ryder (3) were full of energy and extra cute!
And they LOVED Kevin.  :)  But who wouldn't?!!
Miguel came over too!  He is one of our Avenue neighbors and so sweet to have let my parents use his extra parking place.  Thanks again Miguel.
Benny and Jackie also visited for a little bit but they had another party that started at the same time so they had to jet.  They are adorable.  Next time, I need to get a picture of them!!!

We watched fireworks from the 10th floor pool deck.  You can see the firework between the new Bank of America building and the Hearst Tower.  It was weird being eye level with them but they were really good!
Of course we missed this crowd - my brother, SIL and Anna Kate.  Glad yall had a good weekend.  Wish we could have all been together!!!


  1. looks like yall had so much fun!! great pictures!! thanks for the award! i promise i am getting to it!!!!

  2. Oh, the Catawba Fish Camp...What'd you think? I had my first experience there a few months ago. I thought it was definitely unique. Gorgeous cake! Looks like you all had a great weekend!!

  3. The pics of the family are great. Your mom looks so good! And how much do you love the perfect pair of white pants? I love mine. Never thought I would, but I do. You look great. Miss you. :)