Friday, July 16, 2010

Cause it's ladies night...

Last night, two of my bestests from my old company (KHA) came over to have a lil girl's night.  We drank wine, caught up and chatted about all girly things. 

Fran is in the middle of the picture and I met her just before I left KHA.  I knew the second I met her that we would be friends.  You know that instant we-have-so-much-in-common feeling.  The only thing about her that we don't exactly have in common is that she went to Clemson...boooo.  We both love to shop (too much), love the beach, basically the same taste in clothes and love to talk.  Ladies, in case you have any cute boys that would love a classy, fun, driven girl send them Fran's way.  :)

Jen is in the long black dress.  She is fabulous and one of my oldest friends from college.  You see, Jen and I suffered through engineering classes together and we were the couple girls among all the boys.  After school, we both moved to Charlotte from Raleigh and worked at KHA for two years.  She has always been a great friend, you know the kind you pick back up with even if you haven't hung out in a few months.  Love that about her.  She is artistic, creative and smart. 

We missed Beverly.  She was supposed to come too but she was too busy playing in Asheville and planning her move to Florida for graduate school.  :)  Just kidding, so proud of you Bev.  See you tomorrow!

These girls are the best - there is something instantly bonding about us that we are a minority in a male dominated profession.  These girls are hard-working and hard-playing....something you don't always find in friends these days.  Anyway, thank you all for coming over last night - I had a blast hanging out with ladies!


  1. so fun! I love LNO!!!! Especially with good friends!!

  2. Girls nights are the best! Glad you had fun =) Have a great weekend