Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mom's 70th Birthday

We were so excited to see Mom a couple of weeks before her 70th birthday.  Doesn't beat being there on her actual birthday but because of school this week, we weren't able to make that happen!

Back in March I finally figured out what we were going to do for her big day.  

First - an arrangement from @citystems.  Look up her work on Instagram - it's unbelievable. And she happens to be local in Charlotte but doesn't ship.  Mom has always been a garden club gal so I knew she would really appreciate a special arrangement that didn't die in a week. I got on Laura's list (and she has a long waiting list, rightfully so!) and we touched base as it got closer with what I was thinking for the arrangement.  Isn't it stunning?  It certainly looked good on our island and I mayyyyy have wanted to keep it!  HA!  

This is how I got it to Maryland!  Ha!

And the second thing - I put together a book of special notes and memories from friends and family.  Talk about a special gift to get to be a part of.  I got ramped up for it in March.  I used a letter from my friend Kelly who had done it for her Mom and crafted it to be tailored to my Mom.  I asked Dad for all of Mom's contacts, started a spreadsheet with everyone's email or regular address and got to work!  I contacted about 75 people and ended up receiving close to 50 letters/cards/old pictures/memories.  I found a scrapbook at Michaels and put it all together in the book and gave it to her when I went home a few weeks ago!  I already knew how special she is but now I know even more!  Everyone speaks so highly of my Mom.  She is the best and I'm thankful for her!  

I highly recommend this gift for a parent or friend.  If you'd like me to send you my letter template, shoot me an email and I'm happy to pass it along.  anniesadventures16 at

Happy day two of being 70 Mom!  We love you so much!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love the scrapbook idea that you put together for her, and the flower arrangement is so pretty!