Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Grady Starts School

I have major mixed emotions.  Grady started school yesterday in the 2's program!  He had been home with me for almost 5 months and I am so thankful for that time!  Truly!  But it's time for him to go be with children his age and in a more structured environment.  He will learn so much more there and be able to socialize and interact with others!  It will be so good for him.  And I'll be there waiting every afternoon when he wakes up from his nap!  I already have been like wellll I don't send him this day or that day but the reality is, he needs to go every day and get into his own new routine. 

This is a picture that his teacher sent me midday!

Playing in room 100!  Basically all outdoor toys but inside a huge room for a change of scenery and for hot/rainy days!

In full disclosure, today they called around 11 and said he was just not happy and they tried to comfort him etc but he wasn’t himself. They said they could keep him but if I wanted to pick him up, it may be a good idea. And maybe we need to ease him back into school. Which makes complete sense and he also wasn’t the only one having trouble. Bless his little heart. 

He hasn’t cried either day at drop off but his teacher said both days when he realized we were gone, he cried!  This too shall pass and we will all get used to our new normal! 

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