Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekend - Lilly and Panthers

Playtime with my girl and Millsy. 

Kevin was home for a late lunch. 

MA and I went to happy hour at Reid's with friends of ours that were in town.  Bunch of our work people came.  It was fun but we left by 5 to get home in time for Molly Anne's routine!

I had thrown Allie's carnitas in the crockpot that morning and made the chimichurri sauce the night before. They were good and easy!

That morning we went to Ella's 2nd birthday party -- Lilly themed!

Thanks April for this picture!  I didn't take one there but Molly Anne had a blast at her first birthday party. She sat and watched all of the big children play. She loved it!

And she was asleep before we left her neighborhood. 

Kevin put together her cozy coupe while we were gone. She was so excited.  She sat in it for at least 30 minutes!

We went to a super early dinner at an Italian joint down the road. Molly Anne was interested in watching the waitresses go back and forth instead of eating her dinner. She did have noodles for the first time!

After dinner we drove around a neighborhood we like. These three teenage girls were dabbing (like cam newton) and it cracked us up. They went crazy when we did it back!

Lasagna roll up mass production!

Wings from hawthornes and apps as we got ready for the big game!

Possibly moving to this schedule?  We tried this weekend and were successful with eliminating a bottle to get to four but we are never strict on exact nap times on Saturdays and Sundays.  We'll see how this week goes. 

Ready for the SuperBowl thanks to Camille letting her borrow the cheerleading outfit and #thetipsybunny bow!  ;)  Molly Anne stayed up to watch Kick Off at 6:45pm then she was out!

Kevins parents are out there!

Sunset was gorgeous tonight!  

Still proud of the Panthers!  


  1. That is so amazing that your husband's parents got to go to the game. I am sorry they didn't win, but at least they made it to the Super Bowl! MA looks adorable in her Panthers outfit and so cute in her little coup! I also love he rug you have for her to play on. The stripes are so fun!

  2. I'm sure the excitement in Charlotte has been crazy with the Panthers! I lived in NY when the Giants won and in Bmore when the Ravens did. It's such a fun time. It's too bad the Panthers couldn't pull it off, but there's always next year!

  3. I'm so glad she had fun at Ella's party!!! Thank you for coming! I wish Ella had been as tired afterwards as Molly Anne was, ha!

  4. Yay...glad y'all enjoyed the carnitas! I think we're going to make them one night again next week! Love, love, love the Lilly party idea!

  5. These are such cute pictures especially with your dog and baby :)

  6. Molly Anne in Lilly, I'm dying, so adorable! How do you make your chimichurri sauce? I tried making it and mine did not turn out well at all but I love it and need a new recipe.