Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

We had a super low key Valentine's Day! Started with giving Molly Anne a taste of Dunkin Donuts!  Literally a taste but I think she loved them, duh!  

Got mills from camp. If you didn't see my last post, we were in Salt Lake City and park city for a few nights and got home Saturday night. 

We met with a builder for a bit then just chilled at home.  Picked up groceries and meal prepped during her afternoon nap. 

After her nap she got to open a box from Nannie and Poppa with a couple light up heart toys and a puppy that sang to her. It was too cute.  She loved all of the cards that she got from her grandparents, aunts and uncles too!  Our kitchen looks like Valentine's was certainly celebrated here!

Fixed an easy dinner - lobster tails, salad and sweet potatoes. Molly Anne had green beans, chicken salad and pears.  I wasn't daring enough to give her shellfish yet but will probably try shrimp this week. 

Kevin gave us both the sweetest cards when we woke up.  We gave him some too!  He surprised me with a mani/pedi gift card!!!  

It was such a nice day together!  We were sooo glad to be home!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day.....and I can't wait to read about your trip!

  2. What a nice day! A great first Valentine's Day for MA! I love those heart placemats, btw.

  3. Glad you had a nice trip and a great Valentine's back at home. Ours was very low key, too! Sometimes those are just what you need.

  4. Molly Anne's hair is getting so long and cute! We had a low key dinner at home favorite!

  5. What a wonderful day you had together filled with love, joy, and happiness!

    Amy @

  6. You are so good about trying new foods. I need to step up my game. Daddy/daughter pictures are my favorite.