Wednesday, February 17, 2016

First Tooth and Teething Toys

Big news in our house!  On Monday, Molly Anne got her first tooth!  I think I mentioned a couple of months ago that she got her first tooth but that actually wasn't true.  Ha!  The doctor was like if you want to think this is her first tooth, fine, but it isn't haha!  I love her!

Anyway, when I picked her up Monday, Ms. Becky asked me the last time I had rubbed my finger on her bottom gum.  I said last night.  She said well feel again today.  Sure enough!  See it on kinda the left side? 

She's been drooling over the last month or so but not so much that she's had to wear a bib constantly.  Sometimes I just change her shirt midday.  Oh and she's loved these things for teething:

1.  This mesh thing and we put frozen grapes in it.  Doc said they're good because they have good sugar and the cold helps her gums.

2.  These keys - I keep them in a plastic bag in our freezer.  I like these because they give her something to hold onto that isn't frozen so her fingers don't freeze.    

3.  Sophie the Giraffe - which we call geoffy for some reason.  She likes chewing on his feet.

4.  Manhattan Winkel - this is a rattle and fun for her to grab onto.  She also chews on it.  


  1. I think the twins are about to get teeth any day! We love the banana infant teething/toothbrush. They can hold it easily and rub it on their gums.

  2. Yay for her first tooth! I am dreading the whole teething process because I know it can be painful for them. It seems MA was unfazed!