Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday - Meeting Mary Scott

Sorry I'm a blog slacker this week, I'm just crazy busy.  

Here are a few things:

1.  I got to FINALLY meet Mary Scott yesterday and she is PRECIOUS!!!!!  

And then we went back over after I picked Molly Anne up and got all of the girls together for a picture!  There will be another lil babydoll in this picture in the next 6 weeks after April has hers!!!  Can't wait!

2.  Love this Tucker and Tate bathing suit.  Molly Anne may need it.  It's under $30.  I can't find anything at Target that I like for swim class.  I don't want to spend much on size 9m bathing suits right now because I know she'll be in 12m this summer.  I only have two that fit her right now - one 6-12 month Lilly and one I got off of Moms In Charge that is pretty worn and faded.    

3.  Somehow I made dinner last night.  I have no clue how but it happened.  Kevin entertained Molly Anne then I fed her while I was still making this dish.  It's a team effort these days.  Those hours between 4:30-6:30 are pure chaos at my house.  Anyway someone had posted this recipe a couple of weeks ago and I can't remember who so please forgive me.  Anyway, it was good and I have leftovers for lunch today!  I used half the pasta, double the shrimp and skim milk instead of heavy cream.  Oh and I added garlic powder.    

4.  Molly Anne is obsessed with this little guy that talks colors, numbers and letters to her!  And dances of course!  She's sitting pretty well now so I can leave her for a few minutes and go swap laundry and know that she will be okay playing.  I do put the boppy behind her sometimes just so she doesn't crash backwards!  

5.  Ready to go to Ms. Becky's this morning.  So I ran in the kitchen the other night to get something and came right back.  This little queenie was UNDER this bouncer, laying on her tummy happy as a little lark.  I don't want to envision how she got there but let's just say this - the strap to hold her in is now on her at all times.  This child is going to give us a run for our money I bet! ;)  Well...her hair is looking sorta red these days so nothing will surprise me!  Payback....right Mom and Dad?



  1. MScott looks beautiful! I love that suit for MA and I'm glad that she is having fun entertaining herself even if it scares her parents. I think that shrimp dish looks amazing, I'm trying to stay away from dairy so that will have to be a special dish. Jess at Just Jess

  2. I love that bathing suit for Molly Anne! And that recipe looks great. I have no idea when the next time I'll have a free moment to cook will be but I will have to try it at some point.

  3. Let me know if you want to borrow swim suits! Ella took swim lessons at 10 months, so we may have some that could work for you. :)

  4. Hahaha, yes, Molly Anne is going to be a wild and crazy redhead! I love it!

  5. Those indoor swimming pools have a TON of chlorine in them so I wouldn't spend much on a suit. My daughter took lessons at aqua tots and I just put her in the same cheap suit because I quickly realized the chlorine was fading all of her cute Janie & Jack suits. By the time she was done with lessons, that suit was basically white.

  6. Mary Scott is so beautiful! It makes me miss having a newborn! That's so sweet that all of your friends girls are so close in age. Love that suit for MA, and too funny about her explorations around the bouncer! Have a great (and well-deserved) weekend!