Saturday, February 13, 2016

Park City

Kevin came with me on my work trip last Wednesday!  First things first....checking on my project in Salt Lake.  

Then we drove around so he could see some of SLC!

Then we had lunch with some of our guys out there.  

Thursday afternoon we went snowmobiling.  This was a surprise to him for his birthday!

It was soooo fun. Honestly probably one of the most fun things we've done. Highly recommend it!

We ended up being the only people on the 2pm tour that day so we had our own tour guide, Debbie!

We made stops along the 25 mile route to take in the views. It was the perfect day. I wasn't wearing gloves for part of it, even that high up.

We got to play on thus huge hill for awhile. You can see Debbie at the bottom on the above picture. 

That night we headed to park city and took uber (duh!) to dinner. I started feeling awful.  We had drinks at Red Rocks brewery first and I had to keep walking outside and I chugged water.  We went to ghidottis which was supposed to be Kevins birthday dinner and I was barely alive at this point.  He kept saying we could go back to the hotel but I just tried to push through. And I ate barely anything.  We stopped by Walmart on the way back for Gatorade then went back and just went to bed.  Ugh. The waitress was so sweet and she said I had altitude sickness.  I have no clue why though because I travel to high altitudes often. I guess it can just happen anywhere anytime, including on your husbands birthday trip. 

I reallllly wanted to ski on Friday but exercise makes the symptoms even worse.  So, we walked around downtown park city and picked up a few things for Molly Anne.  

And walked over to the park city ski resort.  I definitely felt better on this day but not 100%.  

So much for getting to use these passes that one of our work vendors gave us....good to ski anywhere in Utah for free. 

We ended up checking out of our park city hotel and went back down into salt lake. I almost instantly felt better. We got a room downtown after I looked at the slab that was poured.  

Then we decided it'd be fun to go walk around and visit some breweries.

It was highly necessary. 

We hung out with one of our brokers that night for dinner then he drove us around and showed us a bunch of crazy stuff.  

There are so many amazing LDS temples.  

It's Saturday and we are on our way home now. We can't wait to see Molly Anne and Millsy!!  


  1. What a great little trip for you two! I am sorry that you had altitude sickness, but it seems like you still had a good time. My sister got engaged in Denver, but she had altitude sickness the entire time. It seems to strike at the worst moments, doesn't it?

  2. What a great birthday adventure for Kevin! Beautiful views from the snowmobiles. I'm glad you were able to recover from the altitude sickness, that can't be fun.

  3. So glad you had fun, but sorry you were sick for part of it! Who knew altitude sickness was a thing?! We missed you Friday at Sarah's! :)

  4. How nice that Kevin was able to join you! I have yet to accompany Bryce on a work trip! Whenever he is going somewhere cool, schedules don't seem to sync up! Now that I'm no longer teaching and taking time off year-round is easier, I'm hoping that might change! That pretzel has drooling!

  5. I'm so sorry you had to deal with being sick on your trip! That's wonderful that you and Kevin got to spend some quality time together! Aside from being sick, it looks like you both had a wonderful time!!

    Amy @

  6. Sorry you got sick! That isn't fun at all. At least you got some QT with your hubby!

  7. Bummer about the altitude sickness - at least you were in PC most of the time the inversion down in the valley was terrible last week - Happy Birthday to the hubby - and those ski passes rock wow I have never seen ones like that. LUCKY !!