Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lunch and Mills/MA

Thankful for these ladies!!!  We had lunch at Cowfish yesterday!

We try to do something fun after I pick Molly Anne up in the afternoons.  Monday we played with neighbors and sweet 5 year old Grant pushed Molly Anne in her stroller then we went for a walk.  Yesterday we played with some of her toys.  Can't a girl play without her puppy licking her?!!  

She loved every bit of it!  And of course Mills did too...

I've been a little slack in the dinner department lately because I'd rather play with Molly Anne instead.  Monday we ate leftover soup from Saturday night.  Last night Kevin made us salads with rotisserie chicken on top.  Tonight we may be super slack and pick up Chick Fil A grilled chicken sandwiches with their side salads.  

Who is ready for the Superbowl on Sunday?  Charlotte has been buzzing because of the Panthers!  I really want a panthers toboggan for a cold weather trip we have coming up but I haven't had a chance to get to the store to get one.  Oh well.  I'll just wear blue and black on Sunday to sit at our house and watch the game, ha!

Ms. Becky is out of town this afternoon through the weekend so Molly Anne is having quality time with her Daddy this afternoon and her Mama for the next couple of days.  I'm excited!


  1. Do y'all have a slow cooker? I have a few good recipes that are really simple - just tossing ingredients in and turning it on, no pre-searing or anything. That helps me out SO MUCH during the week when we're commuting and have to get Z to her school night bedtime.

  2. Go Carolina! I really admire how you do it all...and still make time for fun!

  3. I just did 3 days of Hello Fresh and I love it, but I guess you still have to chop and cook the ingredients. It is really easy though! Also, I know your hubby is a bit picky, so may not be the best option :)

  4. Have you tried the new "superfood" salads at Chickfila?? We were suprised how tasty they were! And enjoy those cozy days.... Some of the nicest perks of parenthood! Just playing on the ground with our lil ones. Who knew? ;)

  5. Yay for extra time with MA! I am obsessed with Chick Fila. Their grilled sandwich is so delicious and relatively easy. We do a lot of things from Trader Joe's and frozen pizza. Family time is just more fun!

  6. I hate the broncos, love Cam Newton so go Panthers!