Tuesday, February 16, 2016

MA Played

Molly Anne had the best time playing with her grandparents while we were out of town!  They took such good care of her!

Ms. Becky also sent me pictures!

Kevins parents took her to my friends playgroup Valentine's party hosted by Gigi and Camille!  I loved these pictures Kevins dad sent us!

Thank you girls for taking care of my girl! 

Thank you to Kevins parents for taking such amazing care of her!!  


  1. It looks like she had a blast while you were gone! I love her little heart outfit too; she is so adorable. That is wonderful that Kevin's parents live close by so when they are able to help out her routine doesn't even get disrupted!

  2. How adorable it that???? And I loved her Vday outfit

  3. I am sure they loved the time with MA!

  4. Sweet girl! I'm loving smocked rompers at the moment. They are my favorite!