Thursday, February 4, 2016

Molly Anne is Seven Months

Oh my little Molly Anne!  We have had the best time the last month!  Your big little personality has just come alive and I love watching your mind work!  You want to know how everything works and you have become a problem solver.  

This is so silly but the other night you were in the bath tub and I threw the washcloth between your feet.  You were laying back in the tub and you wanted that washcloth in your mouth.  So you figured out that you could move your foot to get the washcloth hooked on your toes, then raise your leg up, then you picked it up with your hand and took it to your mouth.  I recorded it to show your engineer Poppa!  Then proceeded to take it right back out of your mouth! ;)

Here are some things you're up to!

1.  On your 7th month birthday you weighed 18 pounds, 12 ounces with clothes on. You are 27 1/4" long!

2.  You're wearing size 3 diapers, 9-12 month clothes and some 6 month leggings. 

3.  You finished wearing your band on January 28th and your head is round now!  I'm so relieved this was over though you didn't care about it the whole time you had it on (exactly 8 weeks!).

4.  You are rolly polly all over the place. I left you laying on your bumbo in your room for two minutes and when I came back, you had rolled over and over to your left so you were 5' from where you started.  You also rolled over in the mamaroo, on the changing table and in the bathtub this month.  We are keeping an eye on you big time now!

5.  You're all over your crib too and you definitely prefer sleeping on your stomach. 

6.  You've been "talking" so much and one Saturday we think you may have said Dada.  You were watching my lips and your daddy was videoing you!  I think you're still waiting to say Mama first! ;)

7.  Being outside is still your favorite.  You love your wagon and you sit in the stroller facing forward now and not in your infant seat, unless you were already asleep.  We also got your high chair out this month (after your band came off) and you've loved being in that.  And you flew on an airplane for the first time.  We went to see Nannie and Poppa in Maryland!

8.  You have such a personality now and I love seeing you grow and change.  You think mills is hilarious.  You also love trotting to Boston on Poppa's lap.  Your giggling cracks us up.  We think you're going to be a thrill seeker like your daddy because you love us turning you upside down and sorta (not really) throwing you in the air. 

9.  You've enjoyed all kinds of food so far.  You haven't met a good you don't like and you never miss an opportunity to eat! ;). Right now you get five 7 ounce bottles a day and breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You don't always finish every bottle but mostly you do. Your bottles are usually at 6/630a, 9:30a, 12:30p, 4p and 6:45p.  We are trying to eliminate that 4p bottle first.  You eat breakfast around 8/8:30, lunch around 12 and dinner around 5:15/5:30.  It's a lot of feeding but also just a phase so we are going with it for now.  Your naps are usually 10-11 and 1:30-3:30 but you're somewhat flexible on these...sometimes. 

10.  Your favorite toys this month are the jumperoo, the gears you got for Christmas, Lolly (my lil doll from growing up), Geoffy - you like to chew on his feet (I have no idea why we call Sophie the giraffe Geoffy but we do), your Little Giraffe soft blanket (this is becoming your lovey) and anything with music and lights!

We love you soooo much lil queenie!!!


  1. WooHoo to 7 months! I love that you call Sophie Geoffy. It sounds like it has been one big month for Miss MA.

  2. Oh my goodness, how precious is she!?! And that outfit is so adorable. I'm glad she's doing so great and is such a happy, content baby!

  3. She is SO sweet!!! I wish we could meet her soon!! Jack is already rolling over on his changing table and in the mamaroo too -- he's a wild little man!

  4. So adorable! I love that she is a little engineer in the making! Her outfit is so cute too!

  5. Love her outfit - and what a great month!!! Keep it up MA

  6. She's so adorable! This outfit is way too cute. She's progressing so quickly, I love you recorded all of her milestones here.

    Erin, Attention To Darling Blog

  7. So sweet! Green is definitely her color!