Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend and Happy June 1st

Happy June 1st.  Today marks 5 years of Kevin owning his first agency and one year since he bought his second!  Owning your own business is HARD work and he works 24/7 but he has done so well and I'm incredibly proud of him.  Proud wife right here.  There have been some truly very tough days that we don't like talking about and some major growing pains but that's life and he's pushed through.  So here's to you my Kevin!  Happy and proud for you today and every day!

  Friday night - hanging on the back patio with my buddy waiting on Kev to get home.

Random - but this has been good for my gest diet and works for my numbers.  No complaints about getting to eat fruit in major moderation!

Back to Friday night - lil cocktail hour with a La Croix.  

We had some neighborhood visitors!  Mills is obsessed with them both!

I always love seeing my girl Gigi!!  Mills couldn't get enough.  I just won't be able to handle seeing him with our baby ahhh!  He will be so excited.

Also Friday night sighting - our backdoor neighbors keep leaving us trash bags full of toys - seriously how nice is that?!  

After Kevin came home we decided to go to dinner at Basil for something different and because we probably won't be randomly going out to dinner too much more these coming days.

Saturday morning - chillin with my Mills.  I skipped Flywheel this week because Kevin told me I should sleep instead.  I was happy I did that.  Good advice husband!

Saturday afternoon we went to a Low Country Boil at the cutest farmhouse in the middle of South Carolina.  All of the pictures from this are on Kevin's phone so I'll have to post later this week.  

Sunday we went to breakfast at Toast and went to Teeter afterwards for our weekly groceries.  We got things done around the house, we sat outside for a couple of hours and drew plans for our backyard, I gave Mills a bath outside and we went to dinner with Kevin's parents at Midwood.  

It was a perfect little weekend!  Hope you all enjoyed yours!


  1. What a perfect weekend! Ours was spent moving, so that's why I haven't emailed you back yet. However, I'm so excited to meet you in Sept and tour neighborhoods!

  2. One of our neighbors has twin 5 year olds and I just scored a ton of outside toys from her for free. Freddy is obsessed. It looks like a daycare threw up on our patio but as long as it keeps him entertained...

  3. Ha! Love the toys hanging on the fence. Very lucky to have hand me downs.

  4. I love angel food cake and fruit, it's our favorite summer dessert. I'm with you about seeing the pups and babies together, I feel like my heart will explode.

  5. What a nice little weekend! After seeing all of your pics of Mills' outside baths in the past, I've been waiting for warm weather to give Molly a bath outside. We tried it this weekend and girlfriend was NOT a fan-- after we'd shampooed and rinsed at a record speed, she ran straight to the back corner of the yard and rolled in the mulch. Maybe we'll keep working on it :)

  6. Passed down toys are the best!! Also, love that pic of you and Gigi :)