Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Surprise Work Baby Shower

I've been wanting to post about the surprise work baby shower but I couldn't remember to take the pictures off the server.  I did that last week so now I can post!  

I thought it was just our close development team going to lunch this particular Monday to celebrate the baby but in reality, the whole office had gotten together and thrown me the sweetest shower in our conference room!

Yes, I was surprised!  And embarrassed!  And touched that they did this for me!

A diaper cake that is a boat!  One of the girls is super talented and made this.  It is truly amazing and I will never take it apart even though she told me I have to when the baby wears size 3 diapers ha!

Those little people work on the boat in the below pic and they are made out of washcloths and socks.  Too cute right?!

The detail!

Crab cookies!  I loved the whole nautical theme!

They were all too thoughtful!  

Two party planners...thank you girls!!!  I feel funny putting the other work people on my blog but I know these two don't care! ;)

The cards were all so sweet and all the gifts were adorable.  Most of the office went in on a huge Target gift card that is SO nice to have for necessities!

My work family is the very best and I cannot thank them enough for doing this special shower for me.  It really meant the world to Kevin and I both!


  1. Awww! What a sweet surprise! I love that diaper cake and the little people. It is so great to have a supportive work family.

  2. That diaper cake is adorable! What a sweet surprise : )

  3. That diaper cake is so cuuute! Work fams are the best and they are definitely a home away from home! xoxo, Ash

  4. We did a Huggies and Chuggies (diapers & beer) "shower" for a guy on my team whose wife had a baby in April. It's fun to celebrate the people you work with!