Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun Weekend - Pops in the Park

We had the best weekend and hope you did too!

This is how I waited for Kevin to get home from his office on Friday night.  La Croix and...

watching my buddy play in the best $9 investment we've made for him.  He loves that thing and on super hot days like this weekend, it's necessary!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the neighborhood yard sale.  The neighborhood does the advertising and whoever wants to, sets up shop at their house to sell.  About 40 homes participated.  We sold some stuff, we didn't have a ton, but we did get rid of about $150/$175 worth of junk that was taking up room.  Mills supervised of course.

Saturday afternoon Kevin's parents came over and we headed up to Southpark and went to the mall for a couple hours then to dinner at Roosters.  That chicken was SO good.  I had only been there for lunch but we will be back for dinner.  

Sunday morning started early with this lil bubba not feeling so hot.  He ate something he shouldn't have and got sick around 6am.  He was back in business chasing squirrels about 10 minutes afterwards so he felt fine then.  I was up until 9 but then went back to sleep until 11:30am.  It was glorious.    

I did some quick grocery shopping and then came home and laid down while Kevin did a bunch of yard work.  I had to rest up for a big night ahead - pops in the park.  

It was my first time going even though I've lived in Charlotte for 10 years.  Basically it's the Charlotte Symphony playing music for a couple of hours and everyone brings food and drinks and hangs out.  It's the perfect summer night!

April and Ian

Lauren and Thomas

Sarah and Mike

Kev and I

Just hanging out....

The guys walked over to Village Tavern before the music started.  The four of them had fun together from what we hear.  Kevin's face in the below picture cracks me up!

My girls felt the baby move!

Quadruple trouble!

It was a great night out with friends!

This morning came EARLY!


  1. Pops in the park looks like so much fun! Thank goodness it was at night because if the weather was anything like it was here in Charleston, it so freakin hot! I keep checking your IG for any baby updates!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  2. Ahhhh pops in the park looks like so much fun! I have summer concerts like that!

  3. I love how you can see a selfie April had just taken of her and Ian on her phone! ha. Looks like fun...and looks hot!