Monday, June 22, 2015

Meal Planning Monday and Weekend

It's been a couple of weeks since I actually planned out decent meals.  We always plan what we will have that week on Sunday mornings before I go to the store but the last couple of weeks were blah.  Honestly at this point, we are just trying to get by until our world changes.  But here is our week in meals:

Monday - BLT Chopped Salad 
Tuesday - Meatballs with something - not sure yet
Friday night - we usually go out for pizza - something Kevin and I both did growing up!

On Friday night we had some friends over for an completely impromptu happy hour!  And Mills had his pool out trying to stay cool and a special lil girl had a big time in it!  The two of them were adorable together!  She giggled and giggled and giggled!

This boy got super muddy but I knew he was getting a bath this weekend so I didn't care too much.

Got this picture of my two nieces and cousin's girl who I also say is my niece!  Love these three girls!

Saturday I didn't change out of my pajamas until about 2pm.  LAZY but necessary.  Mills and I played then Kevin came home and decided he wanted to go bop around and check out some places we hadn't been in awhile.  

We went to look at a new condo he may end up getting as an investment, then checked on a couple rental houses we have.  Next stop was Heist Brewery for beer cheese and a sampler of beer.  Delish...well the cheese was! ;)  Kevin loved it and if this was what he wanted to do for his almost Father's Day then I was perfectly fine with that!

Then we stopped at Benny Pennello's for a slice of pizza because we had heard such great things about it.  I'm blog friends with the owner's wife and we just had to stop by!  

And we ended the night at Mac's and driving a couple more neighborhoods before heading home with big to go boxes, ha!  We had fun together and that may be the last time we get to do that for awhile.  It was our kind of day.

Sunday - Mr. Mills got a bath!

And we celebrated Kevin's Mom and brother birthdays and Father's Day with dinner at Mickey and Mooch!  Look at sweet Kendall!  She is Kevin's brother and SIL's lil girl.  By the way, Kendall thinks we are having a girl!

I'm so upset I didn't think to get a picture of the whole gang.  We all came back to our house to open gifts and have cake!  

Here's to Monday and the start of a new week!


  1. I've been so bad about meal planning ever since I got pregnant. I just have no motivation, it's so bad! I may need to copy some of your meals. I keep stalking your IG in hopes to see some baby action!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  2. Your nieces are so cute! Thanks for sharing your meal planning. I really need to do that more. For some reason it's so hard during the summer!

  3. I need a MD jar lamp! Have a jar, but not a lamp. The baby in Mills pool is too cute.