Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday - This Week

Happy Friday!

1.  Our hydrangea bloomed this year!  It's didn't last year so this was extra exciting.  

We brought this hibiscus back to life.  It lives on our porch this winter and looked pretty rough come March.  But here it is!

These begonias I got from lowes

Usually I have a black thumb so the fact that all of these have stayed alive is a miracle. 

2.  Sleepy bubba.  This is is his new spot - on the couch. Spoiled!

3.  We had a hot/cold water problem so they tore out tile yesterday and fixed it. Tile guys coming this AM to repair. Always something, even in a brand new bathroom!

4.  Hosted a Chloe and Isabel party last night!  Loved catching up with Jenn, Sarah and Kathryn.  I think we are going to do a FB party on June 21st because so many people couldn't come and their new jewelry is SO cute!

Mills was exhausted by this point.  I love his face - "mama seriously why did you put this necklace on me?!"

5.  When I should have been sleeping....I could not resist getting this.  ;)

Happy Friday!  Our neighborhood is having one big yard sale this weekend so we are going to try to get some things together to sell!  We shall see!


  1. I have a black thumb too. I just killed a basil plant!!! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Your plants look awesome! I had a lovely hibiscus a few summers back that didn't make it through the harsh winter. Now I really wish I'd held on to it in the hopes that it would spring back to life!

  3. That hydrangea is gorg!!! Best part is the free clippings you'll get to bring inside all summer long!

  4. Your flowers look beautiful! Camden sleeps on the couch with his head on a pillow. What we let these pups get away with. ;)