Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 38 Pregnancy Journal

How far along?  38 weeks, due July 3.

Size of Baby:  Probably around 6.5 pounds at this point?

Gender: Girl?!  I don't know!  I change with the wind on what I think.  Kevin still says boy!

Weight Gain: None. 

Maternity Clothes: I'm trying to just get by with my regular clothes and a few maternity bottoms.  At this point, why buy clothes?!

Nursery:  Done!  Mills likes going in there which I'm glad he feels comfortable being in that room.  I don't want him to ever feel like it's off limits for him.  He lives at our house too!

Movement: Yes!

Symptoms:  I think his/her feet are into my ribs now.  I just won't talk about other symptoms.  The on call nurse last week told me that the last few weeks won't be fun and I believe her!  

Sleep: Still up a couple times a night for the bathroom.  Sleep versus a good blood sugar in the morning is my biggest ponder these days.  They say to only fast for 6-8 hours.  I'm sorry but I want more sleep than that especially since I won't be getting sleep very soon.

Cravings:  Everything I can't have.  

What I Miss:  Not moaning and groaning.  I'm ready to be me again.

Best Moment This Week:  Getting to today.  Last couple of weeks at the doc, they kept saying they want me to get to 38 weeks.  I guess when you have gestational diabetes, the lungs of the baby are even slower to develop so 38 weeks was their goal for me.  

Looking Forward to:  Any day now!!!!!


  1. Baby will be here before you know it! I am so thrilled for you and Kevin(and of course big brother Mills -haha)

  2. Baby bump!!!! And BTW I am still obsessed with your countertops!

  3. Look at that baby! You are sooo close! Congrats on making it to the doctor's goal for you!

  4. You're almost there! It's so exciting to think you will know the gender soon and meet your little baby. :)

  5. aww there's that bump!! You look great! I can't believe how soon s/he will be here! Enjoy these last few days/weeks. Go to a movie, go out to dinner, do whatever. Also, keep in mind your first request after delivery meal. I didn't have Charlie until 11:24pm so once I got to 10 centimeters, Joe ordered a few pizzas to have ready for once she was here since the kitchen and restaurants would be closed. That first bite of pizza and apple juice... Oh man, amazing :)

  6. You look great! Love the bump. We are so close, any day now!

  7. I swear you are having a girl!

  8. You cutie!!!! Walk that baby right on out (saw your Insta)! I'm officially on baby watch!!!

  9. I am absolutely over the moon for you!! Just can't believe how soon your precious babe will be here! Prayers and hugs to you, mama!

  10. That bump! So cute!! I can't believe how close you are!!

  11. I just happened across your blog and I'm baffled; how can you be 38 weeks and not have gained any weight!?!? I need to know your secret.