Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Hospital Escapade and Gigi's First Birthday

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  Our Friday afternoon didn't go as put it simply, I went to my regular 39 week doctor's appointment and the baby's heartbeat wasn't as high as they liked.  They monitored me there for awhile and it didn't change.  I had an ultrasound and they didn't see he/she breathing so they sent me over to the hospital for further monitoring.  Kevin met me there and for a couple hours I laid there with the monitoring machines on.  I wasn't dilated at all and there were no contractions, just simply monitoring the baby's heartbeat.  After a couple peanut butter crackers, the baby decided to wake up and was perfectly fine.  A bag of fluid and then we went home.  Whew.  They want to see me bright and early this morning to be sure things are still well.  I don't mind the extra monitoring, especially at this point!  Better safe than sorry!

Saturday was a very lazy day.  I spent some time brushing Mills.  I brush him almost every week and still this amount comes out of him.  I love the Furminator!

All brushed!

We didn't really do anything all day until mid afternoon when we went down to Kevin's parents house to check on his Dad who had eye surgery on Thursday.  We stayed there for awhile then went out to dinner at Kabuto, one of our favorite places.  Could be our last date outing before we are a fam of 3!  After the torrential rain, we headed to Target and Teeter for our weekly errands then home to hit the bed early.  

 Yesterday morning this puppy was dead tired.  He knows the difference in Saturday and Sunday versus the work days.  He expects to be able to sleep in on the weekend!  Lazy bones.

And then will stretch trying to wake himself up.  Seriously!  He's part human!

 After a quick trip to the farmer's market I came home to get ready for a special little girl's birthday party!  

It was Gigi's First Birthday!

Lilly themed of course!

It was the perfect day for the party and it wasn't too hot!  Aren't these kiddos the cutest?!

Swooning over the birthday girl!

Cannot believe she is already one!!!  Well, she will be on July 5th!  Time flew by!

 Kevin gave Camille a high five to give to her daddy! 

It was the sweetest party for sweet Gigi!

My brother sent me this picture of his buddies on the boat.   

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. I hope your appointment goes well this morning, and I'm glad things were okay on Friday - that had to be nerve wracking!

  2. That WALLPAPER oh my gosh.... I know it's not even your house, but I'm loving it :) Sounds like a packed weekend.

    Glad you guys are ok after Friday -- just think, the next time you'll be in a hospital, you're meeting your baby!!!

  3. awww what a cute birthday party! Glad everything went okay on Friday.

  4. How scary, I'm glad everything is ok. Love the Mills stretching photo- so sweet

  5. I'm with Mal, that dining room wallpaper is amazing. How/did you stay calm on Friday? I think I would have just crumbled with hours of waiting and a scare like that. So glad babe was just snoozing all along!!!!!! These kids start scaring us before they're even here!

  6. Ahh so glad all is well! Just a short time now until that sweet baby is in your arms!