Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday

1.  Mills has not been wanting to get up in the mornings.  He will just lay around all morning while we get ready.  LAZY part human dog!

2.  Speaking of Mills, I made him a Camp reservation for July 4th weekend in case things go down with the baby then.  I just felt better having the reservation on that busy weekend because I know I'll want my parents with us at the hospital instead of having to worry about taking care of him.  Plus, let's be honest - he's obsessed with Camp and there is no place Mills would rather be!  

3.  It's been really odd not traveling for work.  It's a good odd but still weird not going to the airport.  

4.  I was able to get the Dreft load of laundry done last night and bags packed for the baby and I.  I did individual bags for us so I hope that'll be a bit easier.  Last thing to do - car seat installation.  I can hang with only having that to do and 5 more weeks left.  I still attribute being done with all of this stuff so soon because of my mom and SIL organizing our nursery for us!

5.  We have a couple fun things planned for the weekend and will spend a lot of time outside.  One not so fun thing planned - fix our garbage disposal.  Gotta love house duties!


  1. We called our boarder and told her that there was a chance Camden would be coming out anytime in June. ;) So jealous that you have your bags packed already, that is item #1 for this weekend in our house.

  2. This is going to sound weird, but go to a movie. Even if you aren't someone who normally goes to movies. You can really bring a baby almost anywhere, but you can't really bring them to a movie. I wish I had done that! Also, pack a little snack bag for Kevin. My BIL did this & I thought it was genius so I did it for Rob. It was awesome, because while I slept & labored he was bored out of his mind. Snacks helped.

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