Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 33 Pregnancy Journal

How far along?  33 weeks

Size of Baby:  Pineapple - 17" and over 4 pounds

Gender: I'm starting to get convinced it's a boy.  Mom got me a boy outfit this week and I bought one too. Hmmmmm

Weight Gain: Well last week I was back to pre pregnancy weight.  This week I've lost a couple more pounds. This is crazy, I do realize.  But try eating what you're allowed to on this gest diabetes diet and you'd lose weight too!  It's nuts!

Maternity Clothes:  My stomach is bigger for sure but I'm mostly still wearing my regular clothes except the maternity shorts and white jeans.  My dresses for Amelia Island were regular Lilly. Yes, I'm thankful I can wear my regular clothes (mostly)!

Nursery:  We have all of the necessities now.  I just need to do one more load of Dreft laundry for some light colored clothes, then we should be set.  We need to hang the painting and put the monitor up.   I also need to find an ottoman at some point.  

Movement: All the time!

Symptoms:  I've had a couple of episodes this week where I have a shortness of breath.  I'm going to a chiropractor today to see if he can do anything to my ribs.  

Sleep: Benadryl is assisting my sleep. Still coughing.  Up once or twice a night for the bathroom. I mostly go right back to sleep unless I start worrying about work.  

Cravings:  Cereal, sweet stuff....ya know, stuff I can't have. 

What I Miss:  Feeling like myself!  And not being busy!  I'm so insanely crazy right now I cannot keep up with life! 

Best Moment This Week:  Amelia Island with Kev and my parents and the card Kevin gave me for Mother's Day!

Looking Forward to:  Normalcy this weekend.  We both need a low key weekend desperately. 


  1. Man you are going to have no problem at all getting back in shape post-pregnancy lol ! As long as the doctor is fine with it I wouldn't be concerned. Every BODY is different and so is every pregnancy (so I hear). I am glad you had such a lovely trip with your family--hopefully it helped take your mind off of that pesky cough and awful rib pain. Stay strong friend, coming close to that finish line : )

  2. I kind of think you are having a girl still...soon enough we will know!

  3. i think you are having a boy too. Only because of how you are not showing. Girls like to make their presence known :) cannot wait to find out!