Thursday, May 7, 2015

Week 32 Pregnancy Journal

How far along?  32 weeks

Size of Baby: 3.75 pounds and the size of a large jicama!

Gender: July 3 we find out - or around there!

Weight Gain: I lost those 3 pounds I had gained due to this new gestational diabetes diet.  Yikes!

Maternity Clothes:  I feel like I got so much bigger this past week.  But I am still wearing my regular clothes except for the maternity shorts and white jeans (which neither of those go for work).  I think next week I may have to break out some maternity shirts.  

Nursery:  Ahh so much done this past weekend.  My Mom and SIL helped me a ton by organizing and organizing and organizing!

Movement: All the time!

Symptoms:  Do I still have to answer because I know you all know - ribs, gest diabetes and I just can't keep up like I used to.  It's crazy because I still want to go go go.  

Sleep: Benadryl is assisting my sleep. Still coughing.

Cravings:  Everything I can't eat on this new diet!

What I Miss:  Feeling like myself!  And not being busy!  I'm so insanely crazy right now I cannot keep up with life!

Best Moment This Week:  Neighborhood baby shower and my family in town!

Looking Forward To: Something fun Kevin and I have planned this weekend!   And our bathroom renovation being done, maybe by tomorrow?!


  1. Almost there! Also,can't wait to see how the bathroom turns out : )

  2. First of all what is is jicama?! Where do they get these random fruits from! Getting so close my friend!!

  3. Yayee for bathroom reno being done!!!

    And your pregnancy if flying by!!!