Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nieces in Charlotte

This weekend was a huge treat!  My Mom flew in on Friday afternoon and my SIL and nieces arrived just in time for cocktail hour (or peanut butter hour in Anna Kate's and my case!)!  

We hung out back and Mills played like a wild man!

We went to a big shopping center and let the girls play and then we had pizzas and salad for dinner!

My girls!!!  These are my brother's little girls and they are 7 and 3.  

Anna Kate loved getting to see Nannie!

Saturday morning Mom and I took Anna Kate to the American Girl store while my SIL and Sarah went to IKEA to get a few things.  Anna Kate had never been to one.  She was in heaven!

We let her pick out a ton of stuff...spoiled granddaughter and niece! ;)  We also picked out things for her lil sister who was also obsessed!

On the way home from the mall we stopped for lunch at Zoe's then took Kevin's to him at his office since he worked all day Saturday.  

When Anna Kate and I got home, my Mom and Emily had gone to town on the nursery.  Kevin came home and was helping too.  I cannot thank them enough for their help.  Literally there have not been enough hours in the day and I just can't do as much as I could before.  I'm SO thankful for what they did for us.  

Uncle Kevin is the coolest because he has a fun jeep that the girls got to ride in (only through the neighborhood of course!).

Saturday night was our baby shower so Kevin stayed home with the girls and Mom, Emily and I went to the baby shower!

Sunday morning they left and it was sad to see them go home.  My brother had called them early and wanted to see when they'd be home.  ;)  Sarah thinks Kevin is silly.  Mills was just jealous.  Oh boy does he have some learning to do!

Sunday afternoon Mom and I organized lots of gifts and nursery things.  It felt SO good to get that done!  Lots of laundry and Target/Buy Buy Baby/Shower Me With Love trips!

Ohhh my I just am so thankful for our family for helping us.  I literally felt a huge weight off my shoulders.  We have a few more things to do but things in the nursery are almost finished.  MOM I COULD HAVE NOT DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!