Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Amelia Island 2015

On Saturday morning early, we dropped Mills off at Camp and headed south to Jacksonville.  There, we picked up my parents from the airport and jetted over to Amelia Island for a little getaway.

Let's be honest, the Ritz property is just absolutely stunning.  It was our third time there in the last four years.  We LOVE it.

After some afternoon cocktails on the back patio, we all headed up and got ready for a fancy dinner that night.  We went to Salt, which is in the Ritz and we had heard rave reviews.  I thought it was really good but not everyone we were with agreed.  Some loved theirs and some just liked theirs.  For the price, everyone should have LOVED their dinner haha!  

Heirloom Tomato salad that Mom and I split.  Presentation is everything.

I doubled one of the side orders and got two soft shell crabs over bacon brussel sprouts.  So good.

Our group that night.

Mother's Day consisted of going out to lunch at the Salty Pelican then pool time with my parents.

That night we had dinner in the hotel again at one of their other restaurants.  Kevin hit the bed early after a big night out the night before but Mom, Dad and I chilled on the back patio and chatted with different folks.  It was nice to prop up our feet on the large gas fire pit and hang.  We don't even know how to relax usually so this was a special treat.  I was thankful to spend Mother's Day with my Mama!!!

Monday = Beach Day.

Kevin's company's big event was Monday night.  Here is the area ready for the cocktail hour.  Could their be a prettier view?

It was a Mad Hatter's themed party!

Double trouble.  My Dad and Kevin.  My favorite guys.  And Mills too of course! ;)

We all moved into the ballroom for dinner and dancing.

Dessert bar - the best part of it all.  Of course I couldn't partake this time but next time I will!

There was an ACC conference going on with all of the football and basketball coaches next door to the ballroom.  Look who we walked right past - Roy Williams.  Kevin was so excited to get a picture with him.  He grew up a Carolina fan.  Sad but true.  ;) said by an NC State grad.

Nothing like a dirty menu haha.

The floral arrangements were amazing.  The garden club past of my Mom loved all of that!  They also had a big set up in front of this Mad Hatters arrangement where you could get your picture taken by a professional photographer and they printed them for you.  We did that too.  They never miss a detail!  

An awesome trip as usual and I'm so happy for Kevin that he won the trip for both of his offices so that's why we were able to invite my parents.  Quite an accomplishment!  

If you ever need a great place to escape, Amelia Island Ritz is one of our very favorite places!  We say this every time we go!  

Back to reality...!


  1. Amelia Island is one of my most favorite places to go and we had the best time with you 2 last year! The Mad Hatter Party looked like such a blast! And are you sure you're pregnant? You're looking so slim and trim!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. This looks like such a fun getaway! The scenery is SO gorgeous and I love that it was a mad hatter's theme - your outfits were all great!!

  3. I think I told you my grandparents lived on Amelia Island so I spent my entire childhood there. No one ever knew it existed back then. I can't wait to take Charlie there one day!!

  4. We love The Ritz on Amelia Island! It's great for families, we used to take our kids there every Memorial Day and 4th of July and there were wonderful activities for the kids to do! There used to be a Teen Room, where all the teens could hang out, and when mine got older they spent all their time there. My husband and I LOVE Salt!

  5. What a fun trip and great that your parents could join you. I love that peach/pink top with the white pants.

  6. Go Kevin! And so fun (and I'm sure proud moment) that your parents could come too. I love the dress you wore on Saturday night. Hope you were feeling well and able to enjoy and relax a bit!

  7. Paradise - it looks gorgeous there! I would love to plan a trip. Kevin - please win next year too and take us! HA!

  8. I think your dad won the hat competition in your group! I will say it jealous!