Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Neighborhood Baby Shower

Ohhh!  My friend Lisa hosted the most perfect Lilly Pulitzer baby shower for us this weekend!  What a sweet friend she is.  She literally went above and beyond and I'm so thankful for her friendship!  And yes this is the same Lisa that hosted the over the top Halloween party, so you can just imagine how over the top this baby shower was.  Not one detail missed!

Lisa is my neighbor and I invited my neighborhood gals that I'm closest with.  I didn't want to invite the whole bunco crowd because I felt awkward about someone having a shower for us anyway because I never got to give any of their children baby showers or gifts.  But as I mentioned last week four of my bunco gals wanted to host a shower for me so Lisa insisted we do something.  Talk about some extremely nice neighbors!  

SIL and Mom

All of the girls wrote down advice cards and a little note so when I opened their gift, Lisa read the advice card.  I loved this!

And afterwards, we just all sat around and talked and talked!  Our friend Lynne who has 10 kids (all with the same husband!) brought out the pencil trick.  Have you all ever heard of this?  You warm of your hand and then some holds the pencil hanging from a string over your palm and it goes in circles for girls and side to side for a boy then it just fizzles out when it's finished.  This worked for EVERY single person in the room.  It tells you what you're having, how many and in what order.  Crazy.  And PS - it says a boy and then I'll have a girl next.  So yes, that made me want to go buy boy clothes!

The hostess with the mostess!!!  

The party favors were Lilly pens with personalized pads of paper and each person's last name on each sheet in this fun print with a navy, pink and green design around it.  Lisa MADE THEM!  Seriously she is too much!

I had such a fun time and I'm thankful for all of my neighborhood girls who have taken me right in and treated me just like they've known me for years and years!


  1. You are such a pretty pregnant woman! You're just glowing! The shower looks awesome and so sweet of your neighborhood friend! I've gotta try the pencil trick sounds more legit than the ring test over your belly!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Wow great neighbors! Everything looked beautiful--including the mommy-to-be (p.s I LOVE her kitchen)!

  3. Your baby shower themes are my
    Most favorite that I've ever seen! You look radiant my friend!

  4. Such a sweet shower! I love the blue, pink, and green theme. And those flowers, gorgeous!

  5. This is the cutest shower!! Love all that Lilly! You look great!

  6. Love this shower theme!!! Lisa and I will have to talk bc Ella's 2nd birthday party theme is Lilly (don't judge me for already having a theme)! Isn't the pencil trick like the ring test...and did we try that one on you at Bunco one night?! LOL...I still vote boy!!! :)

  7. Hi! First time site visitor here and I have to say- this is the CUTEST shower! Love love love! Congrats to you on expecting a sweet babe- how exciting! You have sweet family and friends helping you prepare- that's the best!!

  8. Really liking these baby shower decorations and arrangements. I was invited for the first birthday party of my friend's daughter at one of the lavish Chicago venues last month. Home baked cake was yummy and self-prepared invitations were quite attractive. Got a warm welcome and exciting return gifts too.