Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend - Very Necessary

We had a good weekend and I hope you all did too!  

I'm supposed to be in Vegas for the annual commercial real estate conference.  It was actually really refreshing to not get on a plane yesterday as I usually would.  I'll miss being there with all of my work friends but I honestly think it would have been a lot for me to get on another long flight and be in Vegas for hot, busy and long days. So it was the right decision to not go. 

Friday night I poured about 5 sips of white wine and walked over to my friend Sarah's house while Kevin and Mills played out back.  I drank about 3 sips of the wine while socializing then walked back and poured the rest out ha!  I'm so paranoid but a lil taste really does taste good. 

Later that night we went up to Hawthornes for pizza and wings. Or in my case - salad and meatball sub with no bread.  Ha!

We got this pics of my brother's dogs. Seriously could they be cuter?

Saturday AM I went to flywheel, the farmers market then picked up mills and we visited Kevin's office.  Then I was able to shower in our new shower. I can't wait to post before and after pics of our bathroom!!!  

I picked up some things from trader joes on Friday that I could have as snacks for my new gest diabetes eating routine. 

And my friend Maran told me to get these and they are so good!!!

Later that afternoon I went with Sarah and Gigi to Camille's first birthday party!  It was a gorgeous afternoon for a party!

Of course April had outdone herself!

Camille was adorable!  

It was bubble themed!

Pure love right there!!!

I got to hang with sweet Gigi and also Kristen and her little boy Freddy!  Too cute!

I got home and Kevin and I zipped down to our friends new home they are building!  It's gorgeous!!

After dinner at 521 BBQ, we chilled on the couch that night.  Well, mills did!

Sunday morning = breakfast taco.  Something that works for my blood sugar every time. 

We went to the outlets then came back and went to our neighborhood pool for a bit. Then we played out back while Kevin grilled dinner. Mills became a muddy disaster so I cleaned him up while Kevin cleaned up dinner. 

He ran around like a wild man haha then played possum on the porch!  

We needed this weekend desperately. I finally feel like I'm somewhat back to normal. The past 6 weeks have been way too busy.  Now I need to not feel like I have to see everyone I know before July 3.  Everyone wants to get together before the baby comes and that just ain't gonna happen. The thought of going going going more does not sound appealing.  I have done that for 33 weeks and I'm not anymore.  I know, I'm a terrible person. Ha!  But I'm going to hang with Kevin and Mills and be selfish! ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. Mills in that pool is hysterical!!!! Such a muddy mess.

    I am sure a few sips of wine did you good :)

  2. What a perfect and lovely weekend! That picture of the two pups is heart melting - and I can't get over how beautiful you look - you're just glowing!

  3. Good being with you, and thanks for swinging Freddy! He was all about that swing. This is definitely your chance to be "selfish." It will never be just you and Kevin (and Mills) again - having baby here is going to be amazing but you won't get this time back for at least 18 years! Same for when baby first arrives - you will need to get out of the house but it's also a time to slow down, let yourself get back to normal, and bond with your baby!

  4. Good for you to finally take a rest! This growing a person thing is hard and your deserve to take a break. Love that you are spending so much time with Mills and that picture of your brother's pups, so cute!

  5. awww yay for Yasso! I have not tried that flavor, yum! Looks like a great weekend. And those gest diabetes snacks look right on track! Hope you are finding it is getting a little easier.

  6. The TJ mini cones are delicious!! Perfect little dessert! Never heard of yasso

  7. Posted before I finished! Glad you're slowing down! Have a great week!!

  8. I just wanted to tel you I had gestational diabetes with my first baby and I know how restrictive the diet can be. It is so worth it though! My baby was born very healthy and an easy delivery on the 4th of July many years ago. I did not have gestational diabetes with my next pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different! The exact same thing happened to my Mom. Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy as it goes by so fast. Many blessings to come.

  9. That picture of Mills and your brother's puppy is so freakin cute!!! Your breakfast taco looks so delicious! Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend!
    Ally - Life as I know it