Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend - Baby Prep

On Friday after my 22 week appointment (which went perfectly by the way!), I stopped by the lil baby boutique here in Charlotte called Shower Me With Love and got this lil gown on the right.  It has sea creatures on it including a crab (MD!) and another tiny crab at the bottom.  It's by Magnolia Baby and of course super soft.  I hadn't bought any clothes for the baby yet so this was extra exciting.  

I know it's weird, but I kinda do like being the one to buy clothes as I don't like any of that stuff with writing on it like "Mommy loves me" or "Aren't I cute like my Daddy" or any words for that matter.  And I don't like any of those cheesy multi color things...I'm weird I know.  I'm a TAD ;) particular in what I wear so I can only imagine how crazy I'll be for what this child wears.  Ha!

Friday evening Kevin and I went out for Italian which was a treat.  We went to a kinda fancy place and it was so good.  We both had leftovers for the next day which makes a fancy place more doable pricewise.  Or maybe I just think $18.95 is a bit ridiculous for a darn piece of lasagna!

Saturday my friend Sarah had asked me to go to the Myers Park Pres consignment sale which I had no clue what I was getting into.  

But my oh my.  All the Kissy Kissy and smocked outfits you could imagine for $10 or less!  Mills about freaked when I walked in with all the baby smelling stuff!

I didn't get this at the sale, Mom had gotten it for me in Pawleys over New Years.  Is it not adorable and appropriate being from Maryland?

Saturday night Kevin went out with a couple buddies who are going through rough times in their life right now.  I went to Target, Home Goods and Michaels by myself and had a big Saturday night.  Honestly it was nice to just browse around and not feel like I had somewhere else to be. 

Sunday I did baby laundry and hung everything on the lil hangers I got from Target.  Way too cute!!  I organized the upstairs closet some more, sold a few things on Ballantyne Bargains FB page and finished recovering chairs which was my big project of the weekend.  I'll post those pictures tomorrow.  

Overall, productive weekend and today I'm back to the grind!  Hope you all have a good week.  It's supposed to be 77 and sunny on Wednesday and I can hardly wait!  Today is in the 60's.  I love Charlotte in March!


  1. I love the little gown! I completely understand about all the writing. While some have some funny sayings I know my parents put us in cute and timeless stuff since there were four of us and hand-me-downs ruled. It sounds like you had a busy but productive weekend! I am so glad that it is warming up here in NC but they are calling for snow again on Thursday after Wednesday is supposed to be warm. :(

  2. I hear you on the baby clothes! I'm not a fan of clothes with any lettering other than a monogram. :-)

    I'm glad you had such a productive weekend!

  3. Oh my gracious, I can get myself into some BIG trouble at Shower Me With Love. Aaaand I'm going to need to hit up that consignment sale. Next time!! :)

  4. Love those sweet gowns, and I love Magnolia Baby stuff! I found they ran a bit small once he graduated out of the gowns, but it is the softest cotton and they have the sweetest prints. And I am the same way with clothing...most of the time when someone gifts us clothing I end up returning it or taking back. The only writing on my son's clothing is a monogram...!!

  5. I am super picky and particular too. Wonder if we will relax when we have kids ;)

  6. I feel like I'm going to be the same way about what I dress my kids in. Cameron has already vetoed Carolina and Clemson attire because he thinks it will cause too much friction. I say, whoever dresses the kid decides what he/she will wear that day. :)

  7. It's gotta be so much fun buying precious baby clothes!! Id be the same way about wanting to buy my own. There's way too many tacky options out there!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  8. Glad you found a few fun things at the sale!!

    And I'm with you about baby clothes with words on them. It makes me crazy when they ruin a great outfit with a dumb saying on it!

  9. The outfits you picked out are so cute and sweet. I am with you- I have a serious aversion to anything with any sort of Disney princess/cartoon character on it and I hate those cutesy "mommy's little slugger" type outfits. You got some great stuff. Glad to see you are doing well.

  10. Umm...I am also slightly psychotic about baby clothes!!! (Ask my parents and in-laws!) I don't do a lot of writing...but I especially HATE any sort of character (Disney or otherwise)! And I pick out Ella's outfit everyday...can't trust the nanny to dress her cutely ;)

  11. SO is getting real!! I am so with your on the clothes front!