Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Fun - GNO and Fam Time

We had some nice little family time this weekend and some friends time too.  

Friday night we had dinner with Kevin's parents then I went to a neighborhood Chloe and Isabel jewelry party.  I think I may host one of these parties because the jewelry is SO cute and reasonable and has a lifetime guarantee.  I'll do a separate post about it later this week.  

Saturday morning I met up with Jenn and David for our weekly Flywheel date.  This weekend was Charlotte's 3rd anniversary of the studio so they had lots of fun treats for us.  

I stopped on my way home to grab lunch for Kevin and I to have on the back patio.  

Some lil puppy was very good while waiting for his Daddy to get home from work.  

After lunch I met Sarah to look at houses then came back and Kevin was all excited to take the jeep out and wanted to know if I would go with him to ride around.  Well that led to the frosted lemonades at Chick Fil A.  Ummm....YUM!!!!

Saturday night consisted of Elevation, a quick dinner out and lots of basketball...including NC State winning against a number 1 seed and going to the sweet 16!

This lil boy woke up and didn't have a very good Sunday morning.  Doesn't he look guilty?  He ate my underwear I guess at some point on Saturday and threw it up Sunday AM.  Crazy animal.  We don't know why he is doing this because we have been giving him tons of attention and he has just started in March eating random things.  It's not like he started when we first found out I was pregnant.  Who knows.  Needless to say, we are getting a clothes hamper with a top today.  Until then, closets are closed. 

He went back to sleep afterwards with his head on the windowsill.  Haha!

Sunday we did all kinds of errands that morning.  We tried a new breakfast spot at the Aboretum called Le Peep.  Highly recommend!  

We also did our hospital tour yesterday.  Kevin's parents have a family friend that works on the L&D floor and she showed us around.  Just so happened my friend through my friend Lindsay also was working up there.  She just started.  It will be nice to have familiar faces come July!

Farmer's Market opened down by us this week so BLT's were what was for dinner.  

Ohhh and we got a lot of painting done last week so we worked on our upstairs bedroom last night.  We set up our new mattress and bedding.  I'll do a post on that soon!

Ready for the week!  


Christina Lea Loves said...

Looks like such a fun and full weekend! Your little pup is adorable.. even with the crazy eating!

MCW said...

BLTs. My favorite part of the summer!!!!

Sarah O said...

Poor pup! I'm going to try the Frosted Lemonades tonight and I'm weirdly excited about it.

The Mama Duck Blog said...

So glad you went back to the Arboretum...Le Peep is always a good choice for brunch!! You'll have to try Cajun Yard Dog for dinner sometime!

Mindy said...

Aww poor Mills! I am so jealous of your weekend...looking at houses, Chick Fil-A lemonade, lots of free time!! And congrats to your Wolfpack! They did wonders for mine/Ella's bracket!!

Gina said...

I like weekends like that - except for the sick pup. That must be a thing with goldens, my daughter's tries to sneak underwear on a routine basis. 😜