Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We had a nice little weekend, hope you did too!

Friday night we had a quick dinner out and got home early to get to bed.  Fridays are a wash most times, I just want to be HOME and doing nothing.

Saturday I went to Flywheel then we continued our SouthEnd Craft Brewery Tour tradition for St. Patty's Day.  We started at Sycamore Brewing as seen above.  Then went to Good Bottle Company.

Last stop was Triple C where the OooWee BBQ was and we had the best BBQ Sundae.  Ever heard of one?  The bottom layer was baked beans, next one up was mac n cheese, then bbq then slaw.  SOOOO good and was the best dinner.

And mac n cheese eggroll plus a bbq eggroll.  Very healthy! ;)

Jenn and David!

David, Emily, Koren and Jenn

Double trouble.

My water was fantastic to drink all day, let me tell ya! 

Lauren and Andrew!

Justin came out but Kathryn wasn't feeling good so she stayed in.  Kevin really isn't this short but they were goofing around.

Sunday was a nice little day...I got up and went to Trader Joes.  I really can't stand any grocery store after 10am on Saturday or Sunday (tooooo busy!) so I usually get up and go early.  Anyone with me on this?  

Kevin wanted to go out to lunch and I did too so we wound up on Dean and Deluca's patio and took our best buddy with us.  He LOVED it.  There will be lots of patios in his future because he was really good.  Kevin even got him his own water...spoiled!

No make up, hey!  

The three of us played all day in the backyard.  I did round-up on the weeds, Kevin cut the grass and did some other yardwork.  Then we chilled.  A lot.  And then our neighbors were out so some of those kids came to play with Mills and we talked to their parents.  Just a fun, chill day which was much needed.  Mills was zonked out last night!

We did muster up enough energy to throw some burgers on the grill and have Natalie's Brussels Sprouts Salad.  Eating outside was fun and hardly any clean up.  Those are the best meals right?  Also wearing shorts and a tank top all afternoon was pretty outstanding.  Loved the 80 degree day in March.  Today is a repeat on the weather.

Hope you all have a great week!


Katie said...

Girl, it SNOWED HERE in Boston yesterday afternoon. Again. I am so jealous of your fun weekend outside! Sign me up for that BBQ Sundae and Mac and Cheese Eggroll-- Lord have mercy :) And I am so with you on the grocery store-- I'm up and at Body Pump by 6:45 on Saturday mornings, and go straight to Target and Trader Joe's from there!

Steel Magnolia said...

Yesterday afternoon was absolutely amazing. We played outside a ton too. And that BBQ Sundae looks divine!!

MHM1314 said...

Look how cute Kevin is with the scruffy face!

MCW said...

We went to Trader Joes Sunday too! Love getting everything we need for the week. Cracking up at your water all day everyday ;) I Bet Kevin likes always having a DD!!!

MCW said...

And I have bad a BBQ Sunday, but it was a biscuit, BBQ and coleslaw I think? It was so good!

Tracy Lyons said...

Loving this weather!! We had burgers on the grill too - there is something just great about that first chance to grill out. The best! You're looking great too!!

Margot said...

All that food looks amazing! Looks like an awesome weekend and I'm super jealous of the shorts weather! Enjoy it!!

Gina said...

Looks like a fun weekend. You are looking great! I've never had a BBQ sundae or those types of egg rolls but I'm must find them, they'll ok delish!

megan said...

You are such a trooper! That BBQ sundae looks freaking amazing.