Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mills' Sleeping Positions

Mills is seriously part human.  Or maybe he's just a spoiled rotten golden retriever.  Either way, he is the funniest sleeper!  

Here he is next to my side of the bed with his head under the bed so he doesn't get woken when I get up in the morning and turn the light on.  

Crashed in the middle of the kitchen floor when I was trying to show him a couple Halloween cards he had gotten.

Curled up on his couch which is our ottoman.

Head off his bed and out like trout.  Must have been a rough day!

Back on his couch.

This is his newest thing.  I caught him up on our couch last week...he didn't let the pillows get in his way.  Squeeze right in there lil Mills.

This is outrageous but I put this ugly, gray, soft blanket out on my side of the bed and with the cushions that go on our bed when it's made, it's Mills lil area.  He almost always ends up there by morning.  iPhone cord included.  He doesn't care. 

The other night Kevin slept in the guest bedroom because he was getting home late and didn't want to wake me up...when I pulled the bedding back for him, look who jumped up there and wouldn't move.  He probably thought Nannie and Poppa were on their way.  

Back to his comfy area beside our bed.  SPOILED I TELL YOU!

All puppies deserve a pillow under their head.  

Sleeping in the hallway staring into the nursery.

Always on Mama's feet.

This pooch is a trip!  And we love him more than anything.  His world is about to change but that doesn't mean he won't get just as much attention.  He is my child and still will be in July!


Katie said...

Oh, I just love this! What a sweet boy :) Our Molly is the same way-- she can get comfy and fall asleep just about anywhere!

Bri's Blog Journal said...

He is adorable!

MCW said...

He is one spoiled pup! RJ spoiled Jax. The other day we were watching a movie and he tucked a blanket around him!

Sarah O said...

This is so cute! Camden is a weird sleeper too, although he never sleeps in our room, which I wish he would. He does the head hanging off the side of his bed thing too.

Margot said...

Yes! He's so darn cute. Bailey is always at our feet, too! Mills will be the best big brother!