Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday - SLC, Kicks and Mills

Not sure what happened to my Week 24 pregnancy journal but I changed it this morning so it was posted yesterday and not this past Monday.  I have no clue how that happened but probably something to do with posting from my iPad.  Anyway, you can keep scrolling after this post and see it if you really care.  Ha!

Happy Friday!

One - this week I was out in Salt Lake for a couple of days.  We took the red eye back on Wednesday night so I landed Thursday morning around 6am.  It was a fun trip!

The snow capped mountains...yes!

Two - when I landed I came right home and hung with my buddy.  Nap time was in order for sure.  I got maybe an hour and a half in before my phone started ringing!

Three - we took a long walk Thursday late afternoon which was much needed.

Four - when we got home, UPS was at our house delivering our crib!!!

Five - early this morning, Kevin felt the baby.  I was so excited he finally felt he/she!

Then there's this muddy, brown nose lil bubba who stops by the nursery every time he passes it now! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Just Jess said...

YAY for movement! That is so special! I'm glad you had a great trip! This weather has been perfect for walks after work. I've been trying to get out at lunch as well for walks. I'm glad your crib arrived. Have a great weekend!

ACL said...

Can't believe how you can keep up that travel schedule makes me tired just thinking about it! Would love to see a Lilly j crew favs post as my closet needs an update!

Shauna said...

Awww he felt the baby!!! Too sweet. Sorry we missed you both this weekend, let's catch up soon.