Monday, March 30, 2015

Nice Lil Weekend

Well I've kinda been out of commission since last Thursday.  I went to the eye doc that morning and they told me I had pink eye in both eyes.  I also really didn't feel that good which I thought was weird.  I tried to proceed on and pretend I was okay so I could get work done from home but truth be told - I felt awful and couldn't see a thing in my out of date glasses prescription.

Mills and I did a lot of this...

Between the eye doc and the gyn, they finally got a prescription right for me by the end of the work day.  Then the gyn told me I couldn't come to my 26 week appointment that Friday in fear I may spread it which I completely understood.  I chilled on Friday too but I was just knocked down which is pretty unlike me.  Usually I still can operate even when I'm sick but I was toast.  

Saturday AM Kevin took me to a follow up doc appointment and the ophthalmologist told me I didn't have pink eye and it was something else.  Well that's convincing.  Gah.  He said I could start wearing contacts again Tuesday but I begged for today so I could go on my work trip.  I don't feel comfortable driving with an old glasses prescription and without prescription sunglasses.  Today I am good to go and feel like a new person that can see again.  Enough of that craziness!  

On Saturday Kevin got the Britax B Safe car seat out and we used the adapter and got it on the City Mini stroller.  It's very cool!  Mills on the other hand does not like the stroller...because it moves haha!

Kevin and I went out to dinner on Saturday to Maverick Rock Taco and then drove around and looked at real estate - our most favorite hobby to do together!  I know, we're goofy but we love it!

This is what Sunday looked like.  We went to lunch, Target and Teeter.  Kevin drove me all over ha.  We hung in the yard all afternoon.  Mills was a tired pooch at 7pm last night.  

Honestly it was nice to have a weekend just the three of us the whole time.  Not that we don't love time with our fam or's just nice to be blah and us for a few days.  Yall know what I'm talking about?

Still at 7:30am this morning, he would not get out of bed.  He's nuts but I love him.  He got up when he saw my suitcase though. 

Happy Monday!  I'm cruising west today for a quick ride.


Tess said...

Safe travels this week! I'm glad your eyes are feeling better....that could not have been enjoyable to deal with so I'm glad it was somewhat short lived!

Shauna said...

Glad you're feeling better --safe travels!

Rachel said...

Hate that about your eyes! No fun at all. Safe travels this week!

And I laughed when you mentioned Mills doesn't like the stroller because it moves. Our two felt the same way at first. Layla still isn't crazy about it, but she'll tolerate it if it means she gets to go for a walk.

megan said...

What is it about being outside all day that makes pups (and humans, too) so tired?!? Glad your eyes are better!

MCW said...

Besides the eye issues it sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend! I never ever wear my glasses and would be in the same position as you if I couldn't wear my contacts.

Ashley Wissel said...

Pink eye is the worst, so glad you're feeling better!!

Sarah O said...

So sorry to hear about your eye situation but glad you are all better. I never would have thought about dogs not liking the stroller. We'll have to see what Camden thinks when we get ours.