Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chloe and Isabel

Two Fridays ago I had the pleasure of going to a neighbor's house for a Chloe and Isabel party!  

Usually I hate parties like this because you feel forced to buy something.  Our neighbor just said come hang out and if you buy something, fine, if not, who cares.  But then I fell in love with so much of it that I couldn't decide on what to order!  And I wasn't even under the influence of wine! ;)

So a few things I like about this line in particular - lifetime guarantee, doesn't look like the el cheapo statement stuff you can get just anywhere and most pieces you can wear different ways.  

One of the necklaces I bought you can wear with both pendants or just one or the other...so you can wear it three different ways.  Other necklaces you can wear as short or long.  Another necklace you can wear as a wrap bracelet or a headband.  Earrings - you can wear as the stud for work or add the drop to it and have going out earrings.  

Everything is reasonably priced and not outrageous.  Bracelets for $18, studs for $20, necklaces for $40.  They have gold and silver things to suit everyone.  

Anyway, I'm hosting a party in late May and some of you Charlotte girls will be getting an invite.  If you definitely want to be invited, let me know.  I think I'll also get a link in case anyone wants to buy online.  You can look at the online catalog which I did in advance of this party but seeing it in person was really great.  But of course, I do not want you all to feel pressured to buy...I honestly liked the jewelry so much that I want to share the find with friends!

One of the wrap bracelets I got.  

Lindsay is the queen of Chloe and Isabel.  She's super fun and will help you make a decision!  I told her I wanted a long gold necklace but something that is okay for work and fun.  She picked this out and I got it.  It's perfect!  Lindsay is so sweet and you'll really enjoy working with her!

Here is the link to Lindsay's page if you would like to take a peek around!


megan said...

Cute stuff! Never heard of this brand before. PS - You still don't look preg!

Unknown said...

Goodness gracious, small world. I read your blog and went to school w/ Lindsay. We were on track and xc teams together as well. The jewelry is gorgeous!