Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Would Like List

I think I've mentioned on here that I keep a "would like" list on my phone so that basically eliminates impulse buying.  And when Kevin starts asking 2 months before my birthday what I want, I have some options to send to him.  So here we go...

Always love a Nordstrom gift card.  Who wouldn't?!  Makeup, heels, wraps, jewelry, clothes, purses, I love this place.

Outrageous Yachts coffee table book from Amazon.  I've seen this in person and it's awesome.

Great Houses of the South is another coffee table book I'd like one day but after Outrageous Yachts.  Have I mentioned how much I like Amazon Prime lately?

New car comes a new key chain.  Mine is looking rough.  Smathers and Branson Starfish.

My Abas wallet has seen better days.  I've had it for 10 years.  I'd love a new wallet but it's not completely necessary yet.  And I like bright color wallets so I can find them in my purse.  KS Cobble Hill Lacey Zip Around Wallet

And y'all know I love some J. Crew for work clothes especially.  

So there you have it.  What's on your wish list? 


  1. I have the SAME thing on my phone! Helps me stop impulse buying AND gives me some delayed gratification -- if I know I have something on the horizon, I save up to then buy it, it's is even more of an accomplishment.

    And yes, I recently sent it to J for Christmas/birthday ideas :)

  2. I want that houses of the south for my coffee table too!

  3. What great picks! I like to have a running list on Pinterest for things I am dreaming of for myself and others. Right now I could really go for some new fall sweaters!

  4. Yes, I should definitely do this! What a great idea to keep impulse buying at bay. ;)

    I just bought a new wallet after quite a few years of my old wallet looking a bit raggedy. I went with the hot pink Tory Burch one and love it, but it does have less pockets than the Kate Spade ones I'm used to.

  5. Good picks - love the coffee table books. Besides world peace... I have a Barbour jacket, a Michele watch, David Yurman wheat bracelet and a Tory Burch bag (almost any of them would be fine by me) on my list.