Thursday, October 23, 2014

Planning a Trip

I've been in a Lilly frame of mind recently because I've been thinking about where to go to celebrate Kevin's big birthday coming up in February.  


We have some requirements:
 - Must be warm in February
 - Must be under 5 hours of flying 
 - Only 3-4 nights
 - Must be nice (this is my requirement ha)
 - Would love to use Hilton points

And Kevin can't know where it is until we are at the airport and about to go through security!

Throw out any ideas you may have!


  1. Puerto Rico - not sure on how far it is for you - but I know lots of people that have loved it. I'm sure there are Hilton's there. Also - we love the Bahamas and Belize - not sure about flight times and Hilton's though.

    Lastly - Key West.

  2. St. John is supposed to be wonderful!!

  3. J and I are going to Punta Cana in January for my 30th -- I could NOT be more excited :) A lot of the building staff at my apt. is from the DR so they've been psyched to give us inside scoop on what to do.

  4. Also, read the other comments -- USVI/BVI are gorgeous, I LOVED Key West (can be kind of a pain to get to), and I adore the Bahamas. I've also been to Aruba but it is FAR/off the South American coast.

  5. I understand the Turks and Caicos as well as Cayman island is nice.

  6. You should do St. Maarten. Very easy flight, very easy to reach your destination once on the ground (unlike some Carribean islands) excellent food (French!) and the crowd is super tame. When Dan + I went last October I think we were the youngest people on the island. Also, it's good for day tripping to St. Barts so you can knock off two destinations in one trip....and maybe happen upon Beyonce.

  7. I second the idea about Key West; it's so beautiful! Also, I just love going down to Florida in the middle of winter. Where ever you pick will be great!

  8. We went to Aruba on our honeymoon and it was about a 4 hour direct flight from Charlotte! It was really nice (i.e. not a 3rd world country, so even if you venture off the resort, it's still nice!) and the people there are so friendly!! Beautiful beaches too!!

  9. San Juan Puerto Rico! Direct flight no customs and there is a Hilton!

  10. I will email you, keeps deleting my comments.