Monday, October 27, 2014

Favorite Things and Halloween Parties

Friday night I went to a Favorite Things party in our neighborhood.  I didn't take one picture.  Everyone brought something between $20-$30 and we went around in a circle and opened the gift we brought and picked a name out of a bowl who got your favorite thing.  It was fun.  I gave a wrap from Nordstrom and got a wrap from Anthropologie!

Saturday I planted lots of flowers for the Fall.  I'll try to put those on my blog this week.  Saturday night we went to another neighbor's gorgeous home for their annual Halloween party.  We were honored to be invited as they only invite 6 couples.  

She goes all out on the Halloween decor.  

The hostess with the mostess!

They had cups and koozies made for the party.  I love her Front Gate beer holder.  

Their porch mantel was decked to the nines too, of course!

I gave her that lil sign as a hostess gift.  I found it in Dallas at a lil shop and knew I had to get it for her.  "What happens at the Halloween party, stays at the Halloween party."

They got a tent to put up in the backyard.  Check out the scary purple bat up top.  They did not miss one detail...for real.

We carved in the tent. 

It was a contest with lots of prizes. 

Crazy haha.

I carved a crab true to my Maryland roots.  Truth be told, we weren't allowed to pre-plan our design but I had seen this in Coastal Living recently and thought it was cute.  I had just looked at a picture so it wasn't really pre-planning.  Ha!

This was the winning pumpkin.  Well kinda.  Another guy always wins so this was the next best haha.  

Kevin won for worst pumpkin.  Bless his heart.  This was his gift.  I gather he hasn't carved many-o-pumpkins in his day.  He had a fun time though and loved joking around about it.  Typical Kevin.

Some were set off by fireworks.  That was entertaining.  

Ohhh this stuff was the best.  Sweet candy corn and salty cashews.  

The gifts the hostesses gave each couple to take home.  Amazing things.  Monogrammed tee-towel, monogrammed candle holder, monogrammed notepad with our last name on it, scary soap from B&BW, the lil witch sign.  Unreal right?!  She's over the top and I love it!

Here's to a spooky week for each of you! ;)


  1. the gift basket at the end of the party is incredible! What a fantastic event

  2. That Halloween party looks amazing! She really went all out and I love it! I'm cracking up that Kevin lost the carving contest hahahah

  3. What an awesome weekend, I love the parties y'all have with your neighbors!

  4. No other words for that party than WOW

  5. Wow! That is a phenomenal party. Your friend really went all out!

  6. Oh my goodness! What an awesome party! Gives me lots of great ideas for when we are back in a house and hosting parties again! (PS I'd never be able to do it this well, though!)

  7. OMG, what a fab party!!! I am so impressed by all of the details and decorations!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! How awesome was that!? Gorgeous home! Love the "drink up witches" cocktail napkins!!

  9. Candy corn + cashews---I must try! I've mixed candy corn and peanuts...taste just like a "Pay Day" :)