Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday - Mills, Grilling, Bunko, Lunch

Lots of five on friday pictures today but I'll try to make it quick!

ONE - Mills loves these lil goodies for when it's just a quick reward.  Target doesn't carry these anymore...only Wal-Mart.  I hate that place but glad to find the goodies that Mills loves.  His new thing is "big goodies" which are the big boy ones.  His Nannie and Poppa (aka my parents) who facetime with him almost every night love to ask him if he wants a Big Goodie.  Presch.  And PS - it doesn't hurt that his face is on these goodie boxes! ;)

TWO - All about Mills.
Homeslice is all boy all the time.  

And PS - ignore that cable running through the yard.  Yeah getting the irrigation lines in wasn't easy - they hit and cut the Time Warner line.  And the new one hadn't been buried yet.

This was this past Sunday..probably his last pool outing of the year.  


Then a bath for the bubba.  Kevin put our good blanket on him because he said his back legs were shivering in the 68 degree weather with the bath outside.  Oh my.

I looked down the other morning and saw him like this next to me on the floor.  This was at 3am.  My socks were off ha and his head was under the bed and he was quite comfortable!

THREE - sooooo Kevin taught me how to turn on our grill a couple weeks ago and I am so excited about it.  I know how to do the gas shut off and everything. 

I made shrimp fajita quesadillas this past week.  It was awesome weather, Mills could play outside and dinner was so easy.

FOUR - I made Christina's Pumpkin Dip for bunko this week.  So good.  

Chris hosted and the end of her driveway was spooky!

We played Left Right Center and so the $1 bills were flying everywhere!

FIVE - just a lil pups chewing sticks and playing with dirty tennis balls!

FIVE AND A HALF - Lunch with these two sweet gals - April and Megan!


  1. Love to play Left Right Center!!!

  2. Perfect week!!!!! We have a charcoal grill and it's such a hassle - I'm anxious for an upgrade!

  3. Your dog is beautiful! I love the pic of him in the pool. I would love to get a dog but will have to wait until I work shorter hours or can afford a dog walker! :)

  4. The shrimp quesadilla's look delish! And Mills is such a cutie! Have a good wknd!