Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Flowers

Secret:  I love going to Lowes.  It was big time when I learned how to plant flowers and keep them alive.  I know, crazy.  I have a black thumb no joke.  But last year Kevin made a bet with me about some pansies I planted and by golly there was snow falling on those bad boys.  They were ALIVE!

So I've been planting stuff since then.  This past weekend was my time at Lowes to get some pansies.  I'm trying to spiff the house up for a big shindig we are hosting for family on November 8th.

And this time, I bought the correct mulch.

I put some violas out front below the light pole.  They are like mini pansies and look like velvet.  I decided this time not to spend $50 on flowers that looked awful come Fall.  I did that in July.  This time I only spent $20.  Kevin please forget what you just read about the $50..yes you were right and I was wrong.   
and next time I will hide the hose.
 I took out the summer flowers from around this thing and put more violas.

And took out the pink flowers and put purple and yellow pansies.  As you can see, the parsley and mint are still kicking it.  The parsley went CRAZY this year.  Any ideas on what to do with 10 gallons of it?  I guess I could freeze some in olive oil in ice cube trays.

This weekend I think I will spread more mulch.  Actually it may end up being during the week next week.  Actually I really have no clue when it will be.  My hours are limited majorly between now and Saturday, November 8th.  I'll figure it out.  1-800-CALL-JIMMY-MY-BEST-FRIEND-I-MEAN-YARD-GUY.

But I want the house to be spic and span for all of these folks.  We shall see.  


  1. I am trying to replace annuals with perennials in my yard. You can spend a lot of money on flowers in the fall and spring. I think violas and pansies are so pretty.

  2. I'm so jealous that your yard is coming together. We are still deciding on bushes. Love the pop of color from the flowers.

  3. My flowers lasted all Summer until now! I baby them though and prune