Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend - Fish Camp, Wedding

Friday - I finally got my car. The Greenville, SC dealership brought it to me. Kevin's car has been booted out of the garage.  The jeep and my car have priority. For some reason Kevin talked all weekend about building a two car garage...!

We went to the fish camp with Kevin's parents, brother and niece. Then tcby!

One bow girl!

Saturday - flywheel and I cleaned.  Whoa.  I'm trying to get better at cleaning in between Rosa coming, which PS is still the best money we spend all month.  I really loved her after 4 hours of cleaning on Saturday.

Turkey, avocado and Munster on sourdough. With kosher pickle. 

Saturday night we went to Elevation church for this...

Then to SAMs which most of you have already seen the joke I played on Kevin!

Sunday - Rob and Kristin's wedding at Unknown brewery.  We weren't invited to the church because it wasn't big enough but we headed to the 7pm reception.   To each their own.

He is one of Kevin's old bank buddies. 

Us with Davidson and Gina. She and I had fun together chatting the entire time. 

Bank guys 

Great weekend. How was yours?!


  1. Yay congrats on getting your new car : )

    Tell Kevin he can't hide those Depends!

    & Unknown's Ginger beer is one of my favorites, definitely a unique spot for a reception- fun!

  2. Love the new car! I'm with you about money being well spent to have someone help with the cleaning. Neither of us enjoy it so why waste time together doing it?

  3. Girl you are looking so skinny!! I love that joke you played on Kevin!

  4. Yay to the new car! Haha I laughed so hard at the Depends joke! I just ordered my dad a free sample, and you should have seen the look on his face when he opened the package haha!

    I'm loving your wedding outfit, too! Is your wrap a Murfee scarf?

  5. You look great in that dress you wore to the wedding! I'm with you on cleaning peeps!

  6. Excellent! There's a fresh spike of freedom a new vehicle can bring, with its added new mobility taking you to all the places you want to go to. It seems that you have really seized the opportunity. That's cool! Your car should be sturdy and strong enough to help you keep that up. Thanks for sharing all about your adventures! All the best to you!

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru