Thursday, October 30, 2014

Outfits this week

It's been this kind of week.  On the road!  Here is how I roll...

Top Left - Lilly travel pants in black with a green J. Crew painter tee and new Anthropologie scarf from the favorite things party last Saturday.

Top Right - Lilly travel pants in navy with a J. Crew ivory painter tee and an infinity scarf from last year.

Bottom left - J. Crew matchstick jeans with a J. Crew brown perfect fit tee and coral scarf from Handpicked that I can wash.  Airplane = wash everything.

Bottom Right - J. Crew matchstick jeans with a J. Crew rust long sleeve shirt and ivory infinity scarf from Nordstrom.  I got this scarf a few weeks ago when I was freezing in Salt Lake and I love it because I can wash it, not dry clean.  $26 for one or two for $38 isn't bad either.  I wish I had bought two.

And you can tell that I hate J. Crew and Nordstrom.  Haha.


  1. You're obsessed with J Crew! I wish we had a Nordstrom here in Charleston. It's not fair!

  2. yep, definitely my go-to travel outfits too! What would we do without J.Crew?!?

  3. Love your scarves and did you know that Lands End has some fabulous ones too this season?