Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wedding at CCC

We were fortunate to be included in a gorgeous wedding last Saturday evening.  My bossman's daughter got married at Myers Park Presbyterian followed by a gorgeous reception at Charlotte Country Club.  

David Chadwick who is a minister at Forest Hill in Charlotte officiated most of the ceremony.  He was outstanding.  One thing he did was ask all of the married couples in the crowd to hold hands and recite the vows back to each other.  No one did it out loud but it was special to hear the happy couple take their vows and us all reminisce.  Another thing he mentioned is that marriage is a bond and one that is never broken.  He said if he has a couple come in to his office and say they're thinking about a divorce and they mention feelings or circumstances, he says that those are no reason for a divorce.  Feelings or circumstances have nothing to do with marriage.  I thought that was interesting and true.

Anyway back to the wedding... 

The cake was HUGE.  These pictures don't do it justice but it was so pretty.

This arrangement was humongo as well.  

She was stunning.

The band was Jessie's Girls out of Atlanta.  There were at least 15 of them that rotated on and off.

They are the cutest couple.  She's been working in the office the past year or two and I've really enjoyed becoming friends with her.  She's so sweet.

This was actually her third outfit.  She put on a white party dress midway through the reception then this was her exit outfit.  Amazing right?!  I love his face in this picture!

And they're off to the Four Seasons in Maui!  She didn't know where they were going until the day before!  So fun!  As you know I'm a bit partial to honeymoons in Maui! ;)

Congratulations you two! 


  1. Looks like a fun wedding, the back of her dress is gorgeous

  2. What a gorgeous bride! I love the fun almost 50's getaway outfit. Very charming!

  3. I love all of her outfit changes! She was absolutely gorgeous! I also really like your dress. :)

  4. The bride's dress is a serious WOW!!! As was her going away dress. I kinda wish I had decided to do one of those!

  5. I love her dress, what a beautiful wedding !

  6. What a gorgeous wedding!! Love the minister's message....and CCC is such a fab venue!! Who was the photographer? I want to see more pics!!

  7. How dang cute is that 3rd outfit??? What a stunning wedding.