Monday, September 15, 2014

Shower and Birthday

Some scenes from our weekend!  McGee's baby shower!

Kevin's cousin Ron's surprise party!

She and I have the same first and last name!

There she is with sweet Seth. 

Worked on paint colors. 

These overgrown beds at the bottom of our driveway will be history this week.  

We went to Pike Nursery to pick out some new plantings. 

Then we decided to get some wings and pizza from Hawthornes to bring home and watch the game with. 

Mills enjoyed cleaning off a few of the bones. 

Afternoon naps on the couch...the best. 

Back on the road today friends. Chat soon!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! That baby shower looks absolutely stunning. Also, afternoon naps are the best!

  2. I wish I was napping on the couch right now!

  3. Perfect weekend!

    Travel for work is starting to pick up for me - any tips??

  4. That shower looks gorgeous! Fun weekend!

  5. Safe travels : ) What color are you choosing? Is that for the bedroom?