Wednesday, September 3, 2014

iPhone Update

Just some scenes from my phone lately. Heck all the pics I post are from my iPhone!  

Flywheel room. 

Very proud of his new frisbee. 

Parental fans

Couple days at Camp equal being delirious. 

Checking out neighborhood landscape lighting. 

Rise and shine friends!


Ally Harding said...

Every picture I take is with my iphone too. I have over 2400 pics on my phone!

The Chardonnay Kitchen said...

I really should get a new camera for Christmas - my iPhone is so convenient but there's so much good stuff to capture that needs better quality! (Your sleepy pup pictures are adorable. I can tell that he has a blast at camp!)

Dee Stephens said...

I can't really even take pictures with my IPhone anymore because it's so clogged! WAH

Leslie said...

So cute! I love iphone photos.