Friday, September 12, 2014

Salt Lake and Park City, UT

I'm sure you probably know that I've been in Salt Lake City this week.  I plastered it all over Instagram and FB.  Ha!  I just had the best time!

It was my first trip to that part of the country and it is simply gorgeous!  My next pictures will probably be all white from the crazy amount of snow but this was a perfect time to visit for the first time!

I flew out Monday night and crashed.  Tuesday we had site tours all day and drove the market.  That evening - dinner at Market Street Grill.

Most amazing oysters.  Kosshi (sp?) were our favorite - they are the smaller ones below.

Wednesday morning I got up for a small trot around the city.


We toured the market some more and then headed out toward Park City.  We had the ultimate tour guides (our brokers!) who know everything about the area.  They took us to all of the good spots.

Check out the fly fishermen in the bottom of this picture.

Yes, this is the United States of America!  I was in aw!

The Park City slopes!

We went on this coaster that pulled you up to the top of the mountain in your own little cart and then you went down at your own pace through the gorgeous trees that are already changing colors.  It was so cool!

You can see the trees in this picture but that isn't the track we were one.  

Such an ugly picture but funny.  I was going about 25mph in this picture around a huge curve.  

Downtown Park City.  

This is another area where the Olympics were held.  On the two slopes on the right is where they go down a really steep hill then jump in the air.  You all know what I'm talking about.

This is the view that skiers have when they go down those steep hills and jump!

We went to a place called The Bayou for dinner that night in downtown Salt Lake.  Then they took us to the Mormon Temple.  

And the mall that the Mormon Church built.  It's two blocks of center city and the roof is retractable.  So when it's a good weather day like it was when we were there, the roof is open.  See below.  Isn't that crazy?!!   There is also a natural creek running through the middle.  So cool.  My civil engineering mind was OBSESSED.

I came back last night very excited about SLC!  Looking forward to going back often!

Happy Weekend to yall!


  1. The closest that I've been to SLC is Colorado, and man, that area of the country is incredible!!!

  2. I've been there twice, but Park city is my favorite. Remember? We stayed at the St. Regis in Deer Valley. AWESOME!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your stay if you come back again before snow falls we have great hikes up in the canyons. Let me know I would love to take you on one.