Monday, September 8, 2014


Quick recap of our weekend - 

Friday night hang out in our backyard 

then a late dinner at 131 Main, our fav.  First the trio dip and cocktails at the bar.  

We got seated and Kevin had some pasta dish and I had the best piece of salmon. 

Our waiter Sterling was the best. We had a big time chatting with him. He left this with us and we left him a nice tip.  We love hard working kids just out of school. More power to them on their journey.  I called the manager the next day to tell him how enjoyable Sterling made our night.  Don't forget to compliment the good!

Saturday I was at the dealership all day. My car was sick.  I wasted time by looking at a new one.  We shall see.  

And my sister in law sent me a picture of Sarah all ready for ballet. Cutie!!!


Saturday night - service at Elevation (do any of you Charlotte girls go here) and dinner at Cantina.  

Sunday we cruised to Raleigh. Had a few extra minutes before the church service so I showed Kevin more of my old stomping grounds.  On the day of graduation, Dad and I went to run Lake Johnson.  On our way back we drove past East Village. He said, "was that your only A+ in college?!"   East Village is a bar ha.  Anyway it's a funny thing that we still laugh about today.  By the way I did get an A+ in golf class and I survived 5 years of engineering school. Grrr!

We went to Raleigh for my bestest's son's baptism.  It was a wonderful service. 

The proud parents. 

They hosted a brunch afterwards at 518 West which was wonderful!  We jetted back to Charlotte and got home in time for dinner and to get to sleep early. 

Good weekend and ready for a good week.  I'm traveling to a state I've never been to before so I'm super excited.  Stay tuned for some pictures or follow along on Instagram!


  1. I love that you called the next day! It's one of my favorite things to do if I've had a really great experience. It takes 5 minutes and really can go a long way. And, having waited tables all the way through college myself, I am a VERY good tipper!

  2. We just moved next to 131 Main, we'll have to try it and see if Sterling is there :) Did you guys try the new Cantina in Park Road Shopping center? And as for Elevation, I started watching the sermons online, but have only been once!

  3. We go to Elevation Uptown - the atmosphere is great, held in the McGlohon Theatre and lots of young adults. The current series is on sex, love, marriage and has been great!

  4. We used to love some EV in college too! And Edenton Street is our church - Ned is the one who married us!! We go to the Gathering (contemporary service) and I love it, but I do miss those precious baby baptisms!

  5. Such a nice weekend!!! I want to follow you on instagram!!! Will you email me your instagram name?

  6. I love that navy blue scalloped dress! Where is it from?