Monday, September 22, 2014


We went out this weekend to celebrate one of my neighborhood girls!  She's in the front in the black shirt and jeans, blonde girl.  Anyone want to take a guess of how old she turned?  Go ahead, guess!  I bet you'll be shocked!

And she has had TEN children!  All with the same hubby!  ;)

We had two weddings this weekend but ended up not going to either.  We had declined the Greenville, SC wedding because we had received the invite for the Charlotte wedding before.  Well, the Charlotte wedding didn't happen because he called it off the morning of.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?  I feel absolutely terrible for the girl because she got her heart completely broken on her wedding day.  So sad.  

Kevin and I ended up just going to dinner down the road and took it pretty easy.  

We played with little Mills and hung out.   

Oh and I made a chicken pot pie from scratch on Saturday.  When Kevin walked in from work he said it was the worst smell he's ever smelled.  Haha, so clearly he won't be eating any of that.  It's the Pioneer Woman recipe and it tastes so good.  His loss!  

Sunday I made some pumpkin bread.  I was so busy last year that I didn't make it once.  I'm glad to have found the time this Fall.  I also decorated the house in all of our Halloween and Fall decorations.

This pooch is our fav!


  1. How horrible for that poor bride! I love Pioneer Woman; I made her Sunday Stew a week or two ago and it was delicious!

  2. The thought of having 10 children makes me want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Eeeeek!! Of course, she looks flippin fabulous, so maybe they keep her young?!

    I never blogged about this cause it was so delicate - but one of my BFFs called off her wedding on the Friday afternoon before the ceremony in July. I haven't actually talked to her yet, she's been in seclusion - but we've been texting lately, I'm trying to bring her out of her shell. I just literally can't imagine.

  3. OMG!! He called it off the day of!? That's crazy. He had months and months to do it and he waits till the day of. I bet the bride's family was PISSED!!

  4. He called it off????? WHAT??? How were all the guests I informed? How sad!!

  5. Better to have called it off now, then after they were actually married. Feel very, very sorry for the girl, but I do give the guy credit for being brave. Eventually she will look back and be thankful he didn't go through with it.

    And 10 kids!?!?!?!?! Holy you know what!!!!

  6. I have to say- better to have had it called off before instead of entering into a marriage and then having him break his marriage vows. I feel terrible for her, but I hope it helps her see there is someone out there that WILL NOT do that to her. So sad.

  7. I cannot imagine someone calling off the wedding right before it happened! I feel so sorry for the poor girl!

    And I cannot believe your neighbor has 10 kids!!! She looks fab!

  8. Poor poor girl! I hope she some how finds the silver lining in all this! How in the world did they notify all the guests?

  9. That's so sad about your friend. I've heard stories of that happening, but I've never "known" that to happen. Also, your friend looks amazing! I can't believe she has 10 kids.

  10. TEN KIDS!?!? Holy cow! She looks amazing! Oh gosh, I hate that for your friend!!!

  11. She looks awesome for 10-kids! I bet having that many she probably turned 50?
    Good for them!
    Sad about the wedding but better now then end in divorce.