Monday, September 29, 2014


Here's a glimpse of our weekend!

Girls lunch at Village Tavern!  

Friday night pizza night at home.  

Saturday night we had plans with Brad and Shauna for Scarowinds!  Carowinds amusement park turned scary!

I rode my second roller coaster ever and it was just as awful as when I was 10.  Thankfully Kevin put his arm around me and I just closed my eyes and huddled for that 2 minutes of my life.  Glad I went out of my comfort zone but I think I'm good for a long time now.  It was Thunder Road.  The boys rode The Intimidator and that bad boy is crazy freaky it's so tall!  


Sunday consisted of this and getting my act together for the week.  Homeboy is one spoiled rotten golden retriever!


  1. Totally with you on not loving roller coasters. I'm impressed you even tried!!

  2. I hate roller coasters! Seriously hate. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but they're so tall and make me want to cry the entire time. I hope you enjoyed the other fun rides!

  3. We had such a great time with you two : ) Thanks again for always being such good friends to us, let's get together again soon!

  4. Oh gosh, our friends want to go to Scarowinds! I don't know if I can handle it! I can watch scary movies all day long, but when it comes to masks & people jumping at me uh uhhh! Ha!

  5. I love roller coasters, but cannot do those swings anymore! I get so motion sickness! Mills is a spoiled pup...Jax isn't at all. Haha

  6. I'm scared of roller coasters too! My husband can get me to go down Splash Mountain at Disney World, but that's it!

  7. I love Scarowinds! We went last year and I'm begging Theo to take me again this year. I used to love the rides and now they scare me to death!